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Madogo Secondary School
540 pupils

Madogo is a village just outside Garissa, the main town of Kenya's North Eastern Province.  It is a hot, arid, remote and very poor area some 7 hours drive from Nairobi.

The school was started in 1984 as a self -help (Harambee) project by the local community.  it serves a vast area of the Tana River District and many students come from hundreds of miles away.  There are around 540 pupils most of whom are boarders.

The communities served by the school are mainly pastoralist, herding goats, living in grass huts and living on food aid and less than a dollar a day.

The school sits on 40 hectares of land upon which roam domestic and wild animals.  There is a real fear that some of the school land is being 'grabbed' by prominent local people and TAS is helping to fund a fence to demarcate the school land and improve school security.

Phase one development was the renovation of the boys dormitory which had been burnt down, 2 new classrooms and a science laboratory.  The local MP Dr Nur Nassir agreed to work with TAS to fund this first phase development on a 50-50  basis. 

The 2 new classrooms and the dormitory renovation have been completed as has the science laboratory - using Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks.   This was followed by a fully equipped computer lab developed in partnership with Camara an Irish NGO.

Further projects have included a fence for the inner campus and a large beautiful library.

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