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400 pupils

The Buheesi Secondary School Trust was set up in Uganda in February 2008 by a group of ex teachers who specifically wanted to support this school.

They raised funds for a science laboratory and this was built in 2009.

They then wanted to expand the number of schools they supported in Uganda at a time when TAS determined it would concentrate on schools in Kenya.  So it was agreed that they would set up a new charity the Uganda Schools Trust using the TAS model.  

This is exactly how TAS trustees wished to see the idea roll out - by effectively 'franchising' it.

Donors wishing to contribute to Buheesi should therefore contact the Uganda Schools Trust website.

Buheesi Secondary School is a 4 year school located in a very poor, rural area about 19 km south of Fort Portal (Kabarole) which is a major economic centre in Western Uganda.  It was founded by a group of parents in 1990 and in 2004 obtained central government support and was designated a Community Secondary School. 

In 2006, Uganda introduced Universal Secondary Education which has led to additional pressure on already strained resources.  The school roll stands at 400 and is set to increase by another 200 or more in the next few years.

Access to the school is possible only by a very poor road which is even more difficult in the rainy season. Most of the staff and students have a long walk to get to school.  Students generally come from subsistence farming backgrounds.

There is no electricity or running water on site and no immediate prospect of either.  Nor are there any sports or recreational facilities.  The 400 students are taught in 5 classrooms and there is no science laboratory or library.

Despite the overwhelming problems they face the energetic and dedicated Headteacher Patrick Akora is supported by enthusiastic staff and parents who share his vision for the school's future.

The Buheesi Secondary School Trust was established in February 2008 and applied for funding for a science laboratory which has now been completed.  Other priorities are for more classrooms, solar panels and a duplicating machine. 

The group of supporters who raised the funds for the science laboratory have now established a new UK charity - the Uganda Schools Trust - using the TAS model.  The new body will support Buheesi and other neighbouring schools in Western Uganda. This is clear evidence that the TAS model works and can be rolled out almost indefinitely.

Donors wishing to contribute to Buheesi should contact the Uganda Schools Trust website.

Patrick Akora

Trust Secretary
Patrick Akora

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Buheesi Secondary School Trust

PO Box 705  Fort Portal  Uganda

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