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Green Park Nursery School
60 pupils

Green Park is a residential area on a hill overlooking Lake Naivasha some 80km northwest of Nairobi The lake is one of the largest and certainly one of the most beautiful of the Rift Valley lakes. Famous for its wildlife and a haven for bird lovers its economy now rests on tourism and the intensive growing of flowers for export.

Greeen Park School is a small nursery school providing care and pre-primary education for around 60 children aged 1 – 7 years old.  
The school serves the families who are employed locally in the tourist industry particularly the Great Rift Valley Lodge. The lodge is responsible for the management of the nursery.  It supports the school by providing a cooked lunch for the children every day and it pays for the teacher and her care assistant. All other costs have to be met by the families or by donations.

A new building to accommodate all the children and provide space for indoor and outdoor activities is now complete. This facility will also be used in the holidays, evenings and weekends by the local community for literacy and language learning and possibly for computer courses later on. The building has 2 classrooms, a community / resource area, some lockable storage space, desks, blackboards, toilets, camp beds and blankets for the youngest children.  The atmosphere is disciplined and caring. A Christian ethic prevails.

The Trust aims to provide additional resources for the school, a library of new books, on-going training for the staff, an enrichment of the curriculum and learning opportunities for older children and families

A further goal is to provide transport for the children who leave Green Park School at the age of 7 or 8 to go to the nearest primary school some 6 km away. Currently they have to walk to and from the school every day often in difficult and dangerous conditions. Buffaloes are a common hazard and serious injury –even death - is not unknown.


Alice Wangari

Trust Secretary
Katie Fjstaad

Trust Address

Green Park School Trust

c/o Great Rift Valley Lodge
Green Park
North Lake Road
Naivasha, Kenya

Bank Account

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Bank Address
CFC Bank, Naivasha, Kenya