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Jarajara Primary School
493 pupils

Jarajara Primary School is a large extremely remote school in the semi arid area north of the Tana River. Accessibility by road is very difficult and TAS personnel find it easier to cross the river by boat.

The school serves a Somali pastoralist population whose livelihood depends on goats, cows and camels.  There is growing interest in education in this area although many children are absent from school for long periods when their families move is search of pasture.

There are 493 students including 207 girls, and 8 permanent classrooms.  Six teachers are supplied by the government and two are employed by the parents. Curriculum resources are scarce and exam results are, not surprisingly very poor. There is an able and dedicated headteacher who has been in place since May 2014.  He is ambitious for the school and has participated in several national initiatives such as the Child Friendly Schools programme which is funded by UNICEF and designed to engage children and make them the active focus of the school.

Solar power in two classrooms has been provided by the Ministry of Energy adn Petroleum via a Spanish government programme.

Water is, as always, a problem.  A pipeline has been laid by the county government from the river 2 kms away but the pump has been broken for the last 2 months.  There is no capaity in the school or the community to mend or replace the pump.  However, when there is water therea are 3 small hand washing tanks provided by World Vision.

The population in this area is spread out and students walk for many miles on a twice daily basis - as do some of the teachers.

There is a very real need for dormitories, an energy efficient kitchen, water tanks, fencing and learning resources.



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