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Loldia Primary School
2000 pupils

Loldia Primary School is situated on the edge of the historic Rift Valley, overlooking Lake Naivasha. The pupils’ families mainly live in the village of Kasarani, adjacent to the school and serving expanding horticultural farms. Living conditions in the village are very poor, housing is overcrowded and community facilities are scarce. 

Over the last fifteen years the primary school’s population has increased from 500 to just over 2000 in 2020.The school has previously had the support of a small UK based charity who helped provide basics such as classrooms, teacher accommodation, toilet blocks etc. This support has now ended and, with farm expansions and rocketing student numbers, the school is facing many future challenges.

The school has 41 teachers of whom only 24 are provided by the government.  The remaining 20 teachers must be paid for by parents or by local and international donors. The children are bright, inquisitive and creative, however exam results have been challenged as class sizes have increased. 

 There is currently an urgent need for maintaining current classrooms, purchasing more desks, building new classrooms and toilet blocks, appointing more teachers and providing teaching resources.

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