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Usueni Girls Secondary School
200 pupils

This is the only girls secondary school in the area.  Most of its pupils come from the Kora National Park border zone, an extremely poor area that suffers from a serious water shortage.  The school was started in 2005 with the assistance of  World Vision/CDF and Government.  The buildings are in good condition and the compound, kitchen, classrooms and dormitories are well kept and clean.
The school has grown dramatically in line with the school's success.  it now has a  population of around 200 full board students.  There is still a shortage of government teachers so another 3 must be paid for by parents or another outside body. 

In 2008 the school's  mean average in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education  was 2.7.  This rose year on year to 3.7 in 2010, to 4 in 2011 and 4.6 in 2012. It is now, in 2015, the best school in the district.

Three years ago the girls were fetching water from the Tana River by donkey and on foot but a 2 km pipeline partly funded by TAS, has now been installed and the students have running water for drinking, cooking and growing vegetables.
The school used to run a small generator which provided poor lighting to four classrooms  only. As classes are in the morning and late afternoon/evening due to the heat, adequate lighting is very important.  Now they have solar lighting and back up from the mains.

TAS has funded solar lighting, power from the mains, 3 additional teachers, fencing, study bandas,  revision programmes, educational visits and some books. We have also contributed to a pipeline from the Tana River which gives running water to the school.  This in turn has enabled students to plant trees and vegetables and create a garden.

In October 2011, 2 young lawyers from the UK, Laura McNally and Ed Sherrington were scheduled to spend 2 months at the school as volunteers.  Sadly their visit was cut short but the 3 weeks they did spend there were of very great value - to them and to the students and staff.  They have shown that volunteer teachers from abroad can make a big difference.

In the last 2 years TAS has funded further classrooms, a computer lab and a business centre which is used to train groups of students in business activities such as jewellry making and  leather work.

As from September 2015 TAS will be disengaging from the school but it leaves the local trust in good order and with a long standing school partnership with Waldegrave School for Girls in Twickenham.


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