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Eburru Secondary School
400 pupils

Eburru is a beautiful but  poor village of 20,000 people. 70% primary school children leave without further education or training. The area has no running water and very high infant mortality. However, things are improving due to the development of geothermal power in the area.

In October 2006 the Eburru Secondary School Trust was established and since then the school has improved and expanded dramatically.  The buildings have been refurbished, rainwater is now collected and stored in a large tank, additional teachers have been employed, inservice training has been delivered, classrooms and laboratories built, bursaries have been offered, electricity and computers installed.   

Exam results have improved by 70% since 2006 and the school is now oversubscribed and desperately in need of new buildings. The community is delighted with the progress of the school and it is hoped that adult classes will be started in the near future along with holiday programmes.

The school has been nominated by the local education department as 'the most improved school' in the district'.

TAS has now been involved with Eburru for 5 years and the local trust is very well established.  It has become moderately successful in fund raising from local and international sources and is self sustaining. Funding from TAS is now being phased out but TAS trustees do still keep in contact with the school..


Peter Wanene

Trust Secretary
Janet Strevens

Trust Address

c/o PO Box 2024  Naivasha Kenya 

Bank Account

Bank Swiftcode

Bank Address

CFC/ Stanbic Bank Ltd,

 Naivasha, Kenya