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Drilling for water at Kora Secondary School
A generous donor has funded a borehole in the extremely dry remote area ....(read more)

Asako greenhouse renovation
Students at Asako Primary School are renovating the greenhouse that was ....(read more)

Boka children clean up.
Boka students are helping to clean up their environment.  Boys and ....(read more)
Archive News
03/10/2022 Drilling for water at Kora Secondary School
24/06/2022 Asako greenhouse renovation
24/05/2022 Boka children clean up.
14/03/2022 Kora Secondary gets its library
15/02/2022 Mama Leyla donate 40 solar study lights to TAS schools
27/01/2022 Kora Secondary School gets laptops and a printer
15/10/2021 New books for Kaseluni Primary School
05/09/2021 Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
11/08/2021 School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
11/06/2021 El Rar Primary School gets its fence!
22/01/2021 Boka community partners school to build new fence
10/12/2020 Eburru Primary get 3 'new' classrooms
15/11/2020 Post COVID school re-opening
17/10/2020 Back to school for El Rar students
26/09/2020 New Fences for Mitamysi and Kora Secondary Schools
12/03/2020 Boka children in their new banda
12/03/2020 2000 children at Loldia Primary School have running water!!
10/02/2020 El Rar Children get their first story books
06/02/2020 New Headteacher gets down to business!
25/01/2020 Major building works at Mitamysi!
04/11/2019 The old and the new! Progress at Jarajara!
29/10/2019 Kora Secondary School pleads for girls dormitory
10/10/2019 Jarajara plants 1000 trees with help from NYS.
01/10/2019 Loldia's dust bowl playing field turns green.
27/09/2019 Kora Secondary gets its new kitchen!
10/08/2019 Water harvesting at Loldia
07/06/2019 Mitamysi gets a TV and Whoofer!
03/05/2019 More tree planting - even without a secure fence!
05/04/2019 Forest Schools Pilot project gets going at Kaseluni
28/03/2019 Asako students compete in area athletics event
12/03/2019 New staff room and desks for 34 teachers at Loldia.
01/02/2019 Jarajara trees and water tanks
01/02/2019 Huge new water tank completed at Mitamysi!
01/02/2019 Camels in Kaseluni School compound!
30/11/2018 African Sand Dams Foundation work starts at Mitamysi.
27/11/2018 Huge improvement in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education results! Well done!
08/10/2018 Mitamysi Girls Garden
19/06/2018 Peer learning for Kaseluni children
12/06/2018 Jarajara library is commissioned!
19/05/2018 Conservation posters in every classroom
04/04/2018 Jarajara Primary School gets teachers in uniform!
27/03/2018 Brand new classrooms at Kaseluni
08/03/2018 Boka Conservation Day - Stop the charcoal burning!
09/02/2018 Boys in Mitamysi colonise classrooms!
31/01/2018 Kaseluni is on the move!
20/10/2017 Free Secondary School for all.
27/09/2017 Mitamysi rolls its sleeves up!
09/06/2017 Boka students get their revision books.
15/05/2017 El Rar Primary School vists Nairobi Animal Orphanage
10/04/2017 Education Day for parents at Mitamysi Secondary School
31/03/2017 Football comes to El Rar Primary School
01/02/2017 Boka first school in county to get government laptops!
29/01/2017 Mitamysi girls move into their dormitory!
30/10/2016 Jarajara - a school on the move!
08/08/2016 A new rainwater collection system.for Loldia
07/08/2016 Boka students off on a trip to Nairobi!
20/06/2016 Partnership with CDF delivers for Eburru Primary School
09/04/2016 Kitchens old and new!
10/03/2016 Asako girls may have a new secondary school.
15/02/2016 Conservation in action!
01/02/2016 No more sitting on the floor!
24/01/2016 No white landrovers for TAS co-ordinator!
30/11/2015 Jarajara Primary School cut off!
29/10/2015 El Rar is latest addition to the TAS family of schools
14/09/2015 TAS to support Jarajara Primary School -across the Tana River
08/07/2015 Madogo Girls Football success!
06/06/2015 Renovated boat for Asako children
15/05/2015 Asako girls get their dormitory!
01/05/2015 Mivukoni Science Revolution!
20/04/2015 A new library and upgraded classrooms for Ikathima
02/02/2015 Madogo library on track again!
21/01/2015 Boka girls dormitory up and running
01/01/2015 Boka headteacher receives laptop
01/01/2015 Ikathima classrooms and library nearly there!
27/11/2014 Usueni / Norbury Manor partnership success
11/10/2014 Kalumu students crowd in to watch wildlife film
11/08/2014 Ikathima children visit Hells Gate National Park
08/08/2014 Ground breaking for Madogo Secondary School library
11/07/2014 New ways of working at Kalumu Primary School
11/07/2014 Entreprising Girls!
21/06/2014 Children visit Lake Nakuru National Park
05/04/2014 Sewing workshop at Usueni
27/02/2014 New staff houses for Ikathima Primary School
28/01/2014 New staff houses for Usueni
23/01/2014 Business and Entreprise at Usueni
31/10/2013 Kalumu the top primary school in district
28/09/2013 Innovation at Usueni
10/09/2013 Madogo gets it fence - at long last!
12/07/2013 Volunteer teacher at Eburru Secondary
19/05/2013 Eburru Primary gets its TV!
14/03/2013 Usueni Girls Exam success
10/02/2013 TAS trustees visit to schools
15/12/2012 Eburru Primary School Trust is inaugurated
26/11/2012 Exam time!
25/10/2012 Boka girls get their dormitory
30/07/2012 Kalumu girls dormitory completed
16/07/2012 Usueni bandas completed
02/06/2012 Kalumu children 'adopt' trees
02/06/2012 Boka fence almost complete
20/04/2012 Camara ICT project in 3 remote secondary schools
24/03/2012 World Water Day
22/02/2012 Excitement and Inspiration at Kalumu Primary School
20/02/2012 Mivukoni library completed
13/01/2012 Running water to Usueni
25/11/2011 Eburru gets its football pitch courtesy of KenGen
09/11/2011 Volunteers at Usueni
04/10/2011 Eburru science lab in full swing
16/06/2011 Adopt a tree at Ikathima
07/06/2011 Mivukoni library started at last!
31/05/2011 Books for Kalumu
27/04/2011 Asako students visit top primary in Garissa
12/04/2011 Usueni girls educational trip
09/03/2011 Latest Kenya exam results
12/01/2011 Boka children get their desks.
29/11/2010 Ikathima re-furbished
23/11/2010 Poetry and Philanthropy
20/10/2010 Kimphe Langano - inauguration of new classrooms and desks
18/10/2010 TAS at the Nairobi Hay Festival
06/10/2010 Ikathima classrooms being re-furbished
29/07/2010 Celebrations at Mivukoni
27/06/2010 Together We Can!
24/05/2010 Ex - Head of Pembroke School becomes trustee at Eburru
18/04/2010 Soil blocks for Science lab in Madogo
10/03/2010 Delight at Eburru exam results
20/02/2010 Bandas for Mivukoni
16/02/2010 Improved exam results in Asako
30/11/2009 Kenya Vice President's Vist
26/10/2009 Roll out of TAS model in Uganda
16/09/2009 Harambee raises 2.8m Kes (23,000) for dormitories
24/08/2009 Teacher exchange Waldegrave/Madogo
17/06/2009 4 New School Trusts in Kenya
10/05/2009 New laboratories in Buheesi
08/05/2009 Another Global Partnership
31/03/2009 Kameti in Post
25/02/2009 KWS / TAS partnership
26/01/2009 Handover ceremony in Asako
26/01/2009 Madogo/Waldegrave Glocal Schools Partnership
27/11/2008 Building works started in Madogo
06/10/2008 TAS in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Service
22/09/2008 Asako staff accommodation - best in the business!
22/09/2008 Community cyber in Eburru
14/07/2008 Eburru computer lab completed.
03/07/2008 Asako staff accommodation nearly ready
27/05/2008 Building at last at Asako
27/05/2008 Green Park School nearly ready now
27/05/2008 Madogo Secondary School Trust established
22/05/2008 Partners for Change
01/05/2008 Kimphe Langano Self Help Group Established
01/05/2008 Eburru exchange a 'Life Changing Experience'
14/03/2008 Newly elected MP visits Asako
23/01/2008 Business as usual for TAS schools in Kenya
13/01/2008 Global School Partnership links Eburru School with Langley Park School in Bromley
23/11/2007 Another step towards a new trust in Ethiopia.
04/10/2007 The Hon Ali Wario MP lends support to Asako
11/09/2007 Eburru nominated as the 'most improved school in the district'
20/06/2007 Its raining in Eburru
01/06/2007 Power in Eburru
01/06/2007 Eburru tank is complete and waiting for rain
31/05/2007 Pre-primary school built by local community in Asako
31/05/2007 Adult literacy classes in Asako
16/05/2007 More girls enrol in Asako thanks to 2 new female teachers
19/03/2007 Desks and teachers arrive in Asako
02/03/2007 Playground and games area for new school
17/01/2007 Desks are fit for purpose
17/01/2007 Eburru rainwater tank under construction
29/11/2006 Eburru Trust success
29/11/2006 Desks and teachers for Asako
20/11/2006 Eburru School Open Day
20/10/2006 Asako may pilot new style wind generator
20/09/2006 Trust established in Asako
20/09/2006 Site and design agreed for Green Park School
20/09/2006 Cooking in Eburru
16/07/2006 Renovations finished at Eburru School
23/06/2006 Funding agreed for re-building of Green Park School
08/06/2006 Computers and cooking pots
17/05/2006 Eburru School Renovations May 2006
19/04/2006 New building planned for Green Park School
18/04/2006 20,000 Euros for refurbishment of Eburru School
12/04/2006 Bursaries for talented children in Eburru