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Asako greenhouse renovation
Students at Asako Primary School are renovating the greenhouse that was ....(read more)

Boka children clean up.
Boka students are helping to clean up their environment.  Boys and ....(read more)

Kora Secondary gets its library
Kora Secondary School is expanding fast and badly needed a library.  ....(read more)

Mama Leyla donate 40 solar study lights to TAS schools

Mama Leyla, a charity in Kenya that employs vulnerable women to assemble solar study lights for distribution to needy children in remote schools, has donated 40 such lights to TAS.Two schools were selected to receive 20 lights each and identified 5 children from each of the top 4 classes to be given a light on loan.  The criteria they used for selection were that the child's family should be very poor and the child should be talented and committed to learning.The children were urged to take care of the lights and to return them when they left the school.