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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Cherry Ritchie, David Morgan, Rosslyn Wooton, Alice Wangari


Minutes of 16th Green Park Trustees meeting on Friday 30th Janaury 2009.

Present; David Morgan,Cherry Ritchie,Rosslyn Wootton, Alice Wangari.

Also invited and attended Timothy Kagambi , Kate Fjastad and David Muchiri…..and were welcomed by the Trustees.

Apologies were received from Gill Marshall –Andrews.

Confirmation Of Minutes of July 3rd 2008.  Proposed by David Morgan Seconded by Rosslyn,

Matters Arising.

 Since the meeting in July

the Trust had not received any information about Management or the opening date of the school . These have been put on the Agenda again  today for further discussion. The Trustees have also yet to hear whether their proposal of the school being run throughout the year has been considered by the Developers.


1.   School Building and Management of the school

.Timothy in his role  as representing Green Park Golf and Country club  management  said the school would be opended by 1st March or before if this proved feasible.  However no management committee was yet in place.

Kate was welcomed.  As she was invited to an informal  meeting in Decemeber with Gill, David[ the pastor] and Timothy ,the Board asked if she would give a short report of the meeting. Kate gave the Trustees  a brief account of their discussions.

2 Appointment of New Trustees.

Following the report of the meeting  with Gill  when kate was approached by Gill to become a  Trustee   it was agreed by the  Trustees to officially invite Kate onto the Board . Kate had already indicated to Gill she would be happy to serve as a Trustee. She was proposed by David Morgan and seconded by Rosslyn.

 Timothy was welcomed and  as Jackson Olaka’s  replacement and manager of  Green Park golf and Country Club. he was invited  to become a Trustee. He kindly  agreed to this   but preferred not to take on the role of Chairman. 

Also elected  as a Trustee  was David a parent at the school , pastor of the community  and an employee at the Lodge.


Cherry reported Gordon Wilson has very kindly again audited our accounts for the Trust for the year 2008. 

The Trust has 367,353 30 ksh in its account. This does not include 80,000 ksh raised by Palicka Bhasin  in Uk which went into the account on 28th January 2008. This money was raised for the purchasing of play equipment once the school has been opened.

The Trustees would also consider proposals for funding put forward by the Managament of the school for any items of equipement , or such things as deemed necessary  for the improvement  of the childrens education.

David Morgan also raised the point that perhaps the shareholders of the Lodge and  the golf complex  should be asked to contribute  towards the school by providing some extra funding.

Signatories.  Jackson and James Mwangi have now left the Trust  This has left a vacany for a signatory  on  the account. . Timothy will take on this role. Cherry as secretary and Rosslyn remain  as signatories.

4.The school..

Before the school can be opened the Trustees , in particular David Morgan with all his past experience as a headmaster  suggested Alice would need hands on help in organising the layout of the classrooms.  David very kindly offered his help in this if required. Timothy announced the cupboards were all installed and would be lockable.

Water and electricity have been delayed with their installation but the water was now in. Kenya Power and Lighting were expected any day.

The lavatories were working but the children would have to be shown how to use them.and water was available for washing. There are no towel rails as yet.

No furniture has been purchased in the way of chairs, benches, tables etc.

Timothy was asked by David and all the Trustees about the Budget planned for the running of the school The Trustees were all agreement that they would like to have some idea of the funding set aside for the school.

 Timothy  assured the Board that the budget  would be funded by the developers and  approved by the management.and would be in place before the school opened.

The budget would also  provide for  the cost of  maintaining  the building and pay Alice and Agnes salaries. As well as this  the board recommended  that  in the childrens’ best interests Alice and Agnes would  need  a paid  assisitant. The lavatories and school building also would have to have a paid cleaner.


During her visit in December Gill gave Timothy 10,000 ksh to be spent on text books and writing equipment. Timothy said this had been spent as Gill requested.

Date of next meeting. Tuesday 24th March 2009. 

Cherry Ritchie

Secretary GPST