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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

David Morgan, Cherry Ritchie, Rosslyn Wootton, James Mwangi, Alice Wangari.


Minutes of 12th Green Park School Trustees Meeting on Wednesday 7th November 2007.

Present; Daniel Majanga,  David Morgan, Cherry Ritchie, Rosslyn Wootton,  James Mwangi, Alice Wangari.
Apologies from; Gill Marshall- Andrews, Jackson Olaka, Caroline Rune., Lee and Teresa Ngugi.
David proposed the Minutes of the 11th September and  this  was seconded by Daniel.

Matters Arising;
1. Progress and Design of school building.
The Trustees viewed the new plan of the school for the first time. This plan is completely different from  the amended plan. The Trustees all agree the new design is unfit for the purpose and unsuitable as a nursery school, as it has three totally  separate  classrooms .
The Trustees propose;
  a. Store and Office change places, with the Staff room.  b. Office  has   direct access to the classrooms.  c. Office has direct access to the Store.        d. the three classrooms should be interlinked from inside. ie.    One and two classrooms should be one large room with access to the third  classroom . This third  classroom  could have an affordable removable  partition between it and the large classroom  with  perhaps    a small wall  on each side  to support the partition.    The large classroom should have double doors to the outside.  e . The verandah in the plans is assumed to be covered, as the children will need cover to get to the lavatories.   f . Finally the external door shown on the plans    from what will become  the Office, should be retained.      
Internally the classrooms must have a sink for the children to wash their hands in, and for use of  cleaning painting and play materials etc. The large classroom would be suitable to be used as a dining area for the children’s lunch and part of it could be used as a utility for children’s clothes etc.  All these changes can be incorporated in the proposed structure of the building.
David  will arrange to meet  Dicky , who is  supervising  the contruction, in the next couple of days to discuss the Trustees concerns .  He will raise  their  concerns and    ideas for the internal layout of the school.  

2. Finance Report. Cherry reported we have  361,147 ksh  in our account.   
3. Fund Raising. No funds need to be raised at present but once the building is completed funds will be needed for play  equipment etc.
4. School Uniforms; Alice and James to obtain estimates for the uniforms to be made in Naivasha.  The Trustees believe this to be the cheapest and most satisfactory option. Daniel will obtain the measurements of the children already taken by a tailor in kasarani, who is too expensive . A deposit from our account will be needed to be given  for the work to commence and for the cost of the material . The  Trust will  pay the  remaining  costs of making  the uniforms.      

  Transport. The Trustees are in agreement that is is the responsibility of the developers to provide transport to Loldia school   for the children of Green Park School  once they are eligible to go to Loldia. About six children will be leaving to go to Loldia school in January if they pass the entrance tests. [ There are 42 children at present in the school and only a small increase in numbers  is expected in the foreseeable future].

Christmas Presents and  children’s  Christmas party..
 Alice will  liase  with James and Rosslyn  and organize Christmas goody bags  .  A  cheque  from our account of 3,000 ksh  will be cashed by James      towards the cost of buying  clothes and toys  . The Lodge will make a cake for the party and Cherry will help with clothes and goodies to eat.    

Date of next Meeting.    14th January 2008 at 3.30pm at the Lodge.  
Sec Cherry