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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Jackson Olaka, Cherry Ritchie, Roslyn Wootton, James Mwangi, Alice Wangari, Gill Marshall-Andrews



PRESENT; Jackson Olaka, Cherry Ritchie, Gill Marshall- Andrews, David Morgan, Roselyn Wootton, James Mwangi, Alice Wangari.
John Spiers was invited to attend the meeting by Gill , a friend  from UK with an interest  as a donor.and  supporter of Trust for African Schools.

Apologies; Caroline Rune, Lee and Teresa Ngugi. Anthony has  been tranfered  so for the future Daniel Majanga will act as a Trustee in his place

Jackson proposed the Minutes of the 23rd May 2007 Seconded by Cherry..
Matters Arising.

1. School  Building.  Further to discussions with the developers and Contractor  the Plans of the building layout have been  changed.  The new design of the building will be more beneficial to the needs of the children. Dickie [ contractor ] will bring the new plans . One of the important features of the amended plans will be guttering and storage for rain water collection. A small kitchen may also be incorporated in the building. However the new staff quarters will have a kitchen and canteen so this may not be necessary.

2. Management of the school. The developers will take on the responsibility of the Management of the school and will form a committee for this purpose. The school is for the children of the  employees of the estate and Great Rift Valley Golf and Country Club only. The  premises will also be used for extra curriculem  activities , clubs, homework  etc.
The school will need a qualified teacher and David will fine tune a job description for this position. A retired but eneregetic  teacher would be considered very suitable. David also suggested that the school  needs  direction not funds at present.

3, Finance .Cherry said there was 360,366,60 ksh in our account.  200,000 ksh  has been donated  purely for  funding  fencing , posts etc for a playing  field and play area with play / games equipment.

4.  Fund  Raising.  A statement of the developers commitment .  The Trustees were  informed  by Jackson  that the company will provide all facilities and equipment for the basic running of a nursery school. The Trust will help raise funds for additional  items deemed necessary or beneficial  to  the school.

5.  Any other Business.
Rosleyn  will undertake to buy the material required for new uniforms for the children  for next year. Jackson and James will co ordinate  and arrange for the lodge tailor  to make these . The children will have 2 sets each. Cherry has  undertaken to fund the cost of the uniforms. Parents are responsible for the childrens shoes.

Transport for the children to Loldia Primary school.
Gill has been to Loldia and  had a meeting with the school head. He has agreed to bus the children from  Green park to Loldia and back  however this will cost approx  270,000 ksh  for the 25 children per annum . A contract would be drawn up  and signed  by the Headmaster and Jackson if  the vehicle is considered safe and suitable  and  a rate for the year  agreed.. Jackson will   also arrange a check  of the vehicle at the workshop. The main gate to Green Park would hold a register of the bus going and coming back from school.
A  funding   proposal form was completed by Gill and signed by Jackson and  Cherry.The aim would be to obtain funds for a year initially but with the proviso that three years is the funding target if the busing proves successful. Gill will take the proposal to  the UK  and will hope to raise funds through the Trust for African Schools.

Roselyn. Roselyn had suggested at the start of the Meeting she was considering resigning as a Trustee due to other huge commitments. However she reconsidered her position as a Trustee and agreed to remain on the Board. Jackson thanked her for agreeing to stay on as she has been such a stalwart supporter and still is, of the school.

Date of next Meeting. Monday 14th January 2008 at 3.30pm in the Board room at Great Rift Valley Lodge.