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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




Present Jackson olaka, Caroline Rune, David Morgan, Cherry Ritchie, Teresa Ngugi, James Mwangi, Alice Wangari.
Apologies; Gill Maarshall –Andrews, Rosslyne Wootton, Anthony Mbehelo, Lee Ngugi. Palle Rune.

Cherry proposed the Minutes of the 8th Meeting of the Green park School Trustees. Seconded by David.

Matters Arising.

1. New building Project.  Building blocks now being made in Green Park  with a  machine especially obtained, for this purpose. 5000 blocks will be made by the end of the week .Site has been identified and the structure will commence once the Directors, Contractors, and architect are ready. The actual building size to be scaled down fractionally due to financial constraints.

2.Management of the School. James Mwangi, Alice and Agnes[ assistant to Alice]  are at present managing the running of the school. Once the new building has been constructed the management of the school will be reassed.

3. Transport of Children from Green park School to Kasarani. The Trustees discussed the problem of transport of children to Kasarani Primary school.    The children eligible are only those from Green Park School . . The Committee came to the conclusion that a bus may have to be obtained for this purpose – not ideal as a lot of costs are involved. However a matatu has been hired in the past and has not been ideal either. The reason for this is , other children have been collected enroute ,and   the bus service has been  totally unreliable. We decided to apply for funding as a project Proposal and if the purchase of a bus is abandoned the money will be used to hire a matatu and driver and someone  will have to take responsibility for this arrangement.


 3 Finance. Cherry as secretary , approached Gordon Wilson to help with the auditing of the Green Park School Trust accounts for our first year, 2006. Gordon has produced a financial report for the Trust and at present we hold 135550 ksh .[ Balance on 31st December 2006] in our account. A cheque for 30,000 ksh was presented to Cherry from  EAWL to Green Park School Trust .20000ksh came from Cherry’s fundraising in  Uk and 10000 from the Shaggy dog show.
4. Funding Proposals. See attachment.
AOB .none.
Date of next meeting .Friday 20th April 3pm at the Lodge.  Sec Cherry.