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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



 Note of a meeting of the Eburru Primary School Trust

on Tuesday 4 Feb 2020

Present: Mr Karanja Headteacher, Nicole Church, Kara Hamblen, James Kanyi IT teacher, Maximo Chege Teacher, Gill Marshall-Andrews TAS UK.

School update:

Current roll: 596 – roughly 50% boys/girls.

New Class 1 intake 54 (22 boys, 32 girls) which is down a bit on last year’s . Children are still registering for the new year so the number will probably rise.

The nearby private school run by Camp Brethren takes a lot of the abler children so the Primary school is not a true cross section of ability.

There are 17 TSC teachers and 5 paid for by parents. The government has recruited over 8000 newly qualified teachers who will be deployed as interns ( cheaper than TSC teachers). It is not clear if Eburru will get any of these.

The mean score in 2019 was 193 – up from 191 in 2018. The number taking the exam went down a little. The HT is confident that the current Standard 8 is of a higher ability so the target Mean Score for 2020 is 230.


There was a discussion about the government tablets delivered 2 years ago. There are 85 of them plus 2 teachers laptops and a projector. Also a ‘server’.

None of them are in use. This is obviously a huge wasted investment that is replicated across the country.

Kara and Nicole offered to find an IT person in Naivasha and try to diagnose the problem and maybe fix it!

GMA agreed to contact Njenga at the lodge to arrange for 2 teachers to go down to the conference centre and download content for use in the school laptops and TV. The signal in Eburru is very weak which makes downloading material very difficult.


GMA explained that the funding for the renovation of the classrooms has not come through yet. She will try to progress this – again!

Nicole and Kara will activate the bank account and sort out signatories which are now out of date.

Post meeting note: there is KES 398k in the account. This balance is because some funds from the Eburru Secondary School Trust were transferred to the EPST account when the secondary trust account was closed.