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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Jackson Olaka, Lee Ngugu, Teresa Ngugi, David Morgan, Cherry Ritchie, Gill Marshall-Andrews


Minutes of 8th Green Park School Trustees Meeting on 6th January 2007 at Great Rift Valley Lodge.

Present: Jackson Olaka, Gill Marshall- Andrews, Lee Ngugi, Teresa Ngugi, David Morgan, Cherry Ritchie

Apologies:  Caroline Rune, Roslyn Wootton, Alice Wangari, James Mwangi, Anthony Mbehelo

Jackson as Chairman of Green Park School Trustees cordially welcomed Teresa Ngugi as a new Board Member.

Matters Arising

Gill proposed the approval of the Minutes of 7th Meeting of Green Park School Trustees and seconded by Cherry.

1. New Building Project
Jackson, Caroline and Palle Rune, Gill Marshall-Andrews and James held a ‘mini’ development planning meeting on 2nd January 2007. Recommendations on minor alterations to the Plans, already discussed by the Board, and now shown on the Plans were again reiterated and agreed. Toilets are to be moved outside. Height and depth of windows were also discussed to enable the children to see out. A skylight in the hallway was also suggested to allow more light. Store rooms at present to remain where situated on the Plans but these may be moved once the structure of the building takes shape. Most importantly the building will have guttering and water tanks. The water will be used for cleaning and the toilets. It will also be a valuable educational tool in teaching the children the necessity of conserving rain water. A final discussion by the Board on the building layout confirmed that areas of the school could be closed off .Other areas can then be used for older children with homework or adult education classes etc which may be held in the future.
David has contacted a builder, Masila as the site of the building has been identified.  Jackson and Palle will liaise with Masila to arrange a starting date for the building works. Once the building contractor has been employed the architect will liaise with him.

2.Attendance of pupils at Green Park School: Eligibility
The Trustees proposed that a register of children eligible to attend the school should be set up. Clarification was made by the Board that parents of children attending the school must work in Green Park, Great Rift Valley Lodge, or the golf course. The directors of Green Park Ltd are in agreement with this. Peter Barnes and Security will be asked to prepare a form for all those living at the camp, and those others with children already living in staff accommodation. Jackson will also talk to James and Alice.

3.Management of the building and running of the school.
The Trustees were in agreement that a committee needs to be established for this purpose, i.e. a Board of Governors or similar ‘body’. Gill confirmed that the role of the Trust is to support this operation and raise funds for the benefit of the school. A team of volunteers would be hugely beneficial to the school.

The Trust all agreed it would be beneficial to all if Palle could attend the next meeting, and help establish a committee.

It was generally felt, after some discussion that for the time being no additional members of staff should be appointed. However there should be an appraisal of teaching performance, and refresher courses in Nairobi could be recommended if necessary. Gill also had an excellent suggestion that Norma Empringham might be willing to come to Green Park and with all her experience in education in the UK could produce a suitable and workable skills enhancement  programme for the teachers.

5. Finance
Gill recommended that the Trust appoint (on a voluntary basis) an accountant to audit the Trust account annually. Gordon Wilson was suggested by Cherry. Kate Fstaad has also offered to help but is not available at present. Cherry will write to Gordon.

6.Funding Proposals
The Board decided that at present they will not fill in a funding proposal form for the Web. Once the building is constructed it will be much clearer exactly what the school requires. The Trust account will cover any costs incurred at present for i.e. mattresses.  Locally in Kenya various fund raising activities are planned.

7.Transport of children to Kasarani
It was decided that the transport arrangements for older children at the camp to Kasarani will not be recommenced in January. The matatu is unsuitable for the numbers of children and unreliable. It is also very expensive. The Trustees will investigate the possibility of children being able to go to Kasarani on local buses, or alternatively, funding may be found in the future to enable the Trust to own / run its own vehicle.

8. AOB .

The date of next meeting has been set for 21st February 2007 at the Lodge at 3pm.