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Drilling for water at Kora Secondary School
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Asako greenhouse renovation
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Boka children clean up.
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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Meeting of the Green Park ECD committee on

29 October 2019


Katie Fjasted Secretary,    Roselynne Wootton, Christine Onyango GRVL representative, Alice Wanyara Teacher,   Gill Marshall-Andrews.

School update: 

The new curriculum is taking effect in the nursery.  Alice and Agnes have been trained and received copies of the required resources.

There are 3 classes in the school:

Baby class for 2/3 year olds  20 children in 2019  - unknown in 2020

Pre primary 1  3/4 year olds  8 children in 2019  - 20 in 2020

Pre primay 2  4/5 year olds  15 children in 2019 – 8 in 2020.

There was a successful trip to Thompson Falls in August. 

There was a graduation ceremony for those going on to primary school last week.

A Christmas party is planned for 8 November.

The hotel has got various holiday activities organised for around 100 children, including 68 children  who attend Loldia Primary School and are in camp for 2 months on holiday.  Sports, games, reading groups etc.  Simon from the hotel is in charge with help from the older children.

There are only 2 computers  working and as the hotel has no IT intern the computer classes have stopped.  It is hoped to resume them in January when a new intern is expected.

GMA suggested that Heritage Hotels could be approached to identify some surplus computers when executives renew their equipment.

There is 100k in the Trust account.  There was a discussion about what TAS might fund for the party.

Christine will send a proposed budget this evening.