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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Minutes of 7th Green Park School Trustees Meeting On November 9th 2006
At Great Rift Valley Lodge.

Present .Jackson Olaka, Cherry Ritchie, Lee Ngugi, David Morgan, Roselyn Wootton, Alice Wangari.
Apologies; Caroline Rune, Anthony Mbehelo, Gill Marshall-Andrews, James Mwangi.
   Matters Arising
   1.New Building project. Lee Ngugi as a director of Green Park Ltd[ Developers]  gave the Trustees a report on behalf of all the Directors[ Palle Rune, Stuart Armitage and himself] on the proposed new school building. A new set of plans have been drawn up by the Developers showing the toilets outside the main building, as the Trustees requested.
   David Morgan also recommended the office be nearer to the classrooms so that the aching staff have easier access to the children.The Developers, Green Park Ltd will be responsible for the build of the school and maintenance of the building.
   The Contractors will be Trax.
   Jackson will liase with Stuart Armitage about the  commencement date of the new building.
   Shareholders of Great Rift Valley Golf and Country Resort will be contributing to the cost of this project. Residents of Green Park will be asked for voluntary contributions.
   2. Staffing and Recruitment. The Trustees, on the advice of David Morgan decided to defer  the appointment of  an additional staff member until the building is built. A clearer picture of the appropriate candidate can then be established.
   3.Transport of children from Green Park to Kasarani.The Trust has been set up for the benefit of Green Park school .Parents of the children going to Kasarani  will be asked to help contribute, and take some responsibility for their children. Jackson will approach Heritage and request some help with funding this project. The EAWL [ East Africa Womens League] will try and raise funds also. The present arrangement of the Trustees funding the transport will cease at the end of  2006.

4.Terms of Reference for the Trustees. The Green Park school Trust has been established so that the Trustees can provide support,  help , and expertise for the  benefit of the school . The school may apply for funds from the Trust when needed.

5.Finance .Parents will be requested to contribute a small amount for their children’s education. There is some concern about soliciting funds from overseas for a private school . More emphasis to be placed on local funding.

6. Funding Proposals. Golf competitions. Dog show.
 Garden Day .Funding proposal form ; An Eburu  form will be made suitable for Green park by David .Morgan.

AOB. School uniform to be renewed in the New Year. Rosleyn will organize this.The Childrens Christmas party to be held in December. The Trustees will help obtain presents for the children and help with the part.
Cherry will undertake to buy four mattresses and have them covered with plastic.These are for the smallest children to rest on after lunch.

Mr Lee Ngugi would like to appoint mrs Lee Ngugi to be an additional Trustee and this was  approved by the other Board Members. Cherry as  Secretary will write to invite her onto the Board of Trustees.


Date of Next Meeting. January 6th 2007.Time to be confirmed.

Cherry Ritchie  Secretary.