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Asako greenhouse renovation
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Boka children clean up.
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Kora Secondary gets its library
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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Notes of a visit to Ikathima to film the school as part of the celebrations for the TAS tenth anniversary in London. 

Joshua Kairu - Headteacher

David Munyoki – Chair of SMC

Stephen Kameti – KES / TAS

Film crew led by Nekane from Cultural Video 

Gill Marshall-Andrews TAS uk

The filming took place all around the school which looked in fairly good condition.  It was the last day of term and the children were in high spirits.  The trees have grown, the dormitories are full, the fence is intact and the school garden was being planted in expectation of iminent rains.  The computer room did look a bit dusty and the library needs books.  Also the solar power was temporarily off but we are assured that this only happened yesterday and will be re-instated shortly.