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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Mr Karanga  Headteacher

Gordon Strevens  Trustee

Gill Marshall-Andrews  TAS

1.       Past projects

The additional teacher has been recruited and the head is very pleased with him.

The books have all been covered and catalogued.  The library looks clean and well ordered.  The TV and DVD are working but there are no DVDs and only a few educational CDs.

2.       Exam results

These have been declining for the last 4 years (  220, 215, 211, 206 ) although the numbers sitting the exam have been approximately the same - between 70 and 80 with roughly half of them girls.  The target MS this year is 230. 

The number getting over 250 has remained roughly the same (17 – 20) but more than this were taken to Eburru Secondary School last year because the school  lowered its intake requirement.

3.        The school looked dirty and ill-kempt except for the library.  The main problem is that the 2 courtyards are dirt / mud and with 650 children tramping in and out of the classrooms its impossible to keep them clean.  Water is also a problem.  There are insufficient tanks to collect the water from the gutters.

4.       Clifford Dann from HSK was at the school in September and they are still trying to raise the funds to complete the last 6 classrooms.

5.       Gordon wrote a cheque for 18,000/- for the second  year’s money to top up the new teacher’s salary.  He also wrote a cheque for 100,000/- to the bookshop in Nakuru so that the school can purchase DVDs from Kenya Institute of Education and more story and reference books.  The invoice will be kept for Gordon.

6.       Next projects

The head will complete two proposal forms which will be downloaded at Eburru Secondary School  and forwarded to Gordon.  One for a teacher / librarian and the other for fencing materials to complete the fence.

7.        Gill will approach Colin Church about conservation DVDs to encourage further involvement with the Eburru Fence project.   The school received 450 tree seedlings from Kenya Forest Service which have been planted in the compound.

8.       When the new classrooms are done it may be appropriate to approach Just a Drop for an assessment of the water situation.   Probably no good right now as tanks will depend on position of the new buildings.

9.       Gill and Gordon will explore the cost of cement blocks or other way of surfacing the courtyards.

Gill Marshall-Andrews

0725 621153