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Minutes from Trustees Meeting



Eburu Primary School Trust

Date: 11 JAN 2013         start meeting 14:45

Location: Headmaster’s Karanja office at the school

Present: Gill Marshall-Andrews (GMA); Gordon Strevens (GS), Headmaster Joseph Karanja (JK) Patrick van Oudgaarrden (PVO)

Subjects discussed:

-          Bank account is set up and GS has checkbook. He has deposited Shg 5.000 of his own funds to take the account into the black due first bank charges.

-          Admissions so far for 2013: 566 = boys 268; girls 298, more expected. Breakdown for the different classes available with JK and noted by GMA.

-          Recruitment of teachers. The school is looking to recruit another teacher from parent funding. The salary would be at SHG 4.000 a month which does not allow for much choice in qualified and experienced teachers. A salary supplement of SHg 3.000 p.m. would greatly increase the quality of teacher that can be attracted.

The meeting then walked around the school to look at the building work, present classrooms and library room. The dusty nature of school was noted, this with a view to keeping the library clean for future computer installation.

Rain water collection was noted on new buildings but not yet complete. Second rain tank is only at foundation stage and needs to be built.

Action Points:

1.     Kengen to be approached for representative on School Management Committee (JK)

2.     To start the library with the first books etc a list of needed reference books & wall charts etc will be drawn up with pricing quote from supplier for the first funding proposal (JK). Needed by the end of January to meet  deadline to go before TAS funding meeting (PVO / GS)

3.     A funding proposal for salary supplement of Shg 3.000 per month over a one year period for one new teacher is to be drawn up and sent to TAS by end of January (PVO/GS).

4.     Investigate school tv possibility (GS)

5.     Contact with HSK to update on visit (GMA)


1.     Food program lunch - none at  moment.

2.     Can a plan be drawn up to reduce the amount of dust in the school quadrangle by using murram or hardening the earth.

3.     How and at what intensity is tree planting being  carried out.