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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Gill Marshalls (GM)                                                                 Roselyn Wootton (RW)                      

Kate Fjastad (KF)                                                                    Gregory Wabuge (GW)

Reuben Kiritu (RK) - Chairing                                                 Alice Wangari (AW)

Stephen Wanata (SW)                                                            Susan Karera (SK)

The meeting was called to order at 03.00pm


1.         RK explained that the monthly PTA meetings had not been held since August last year due

to change in our establishment.  Once the Chairman of the school is elected then the meetings

would resume immediately.                                                                                                                                                    RK

2.         It was emphasized that the merry go round must strictly be used under supervision.                      AW

3.         Sand for the slide should be added and the area dug and bordered.  This should be done

urgently.                                                                                                                                              SW

4.         AW requested for the toilet flush to be repaired and raised out of children’s reach                           SW

5.         Gutters and filter to be rectified                                                                                                          SW

6.         Proposal for Library:-

-           There was a proposal to use one of the underutilized classes as a learning center

for older children and adults living in the camp.  TAS would provide footballs/books

/games/DVDs/computers etc.  The Lodge would however need to employ somebody

to be in charge either on permanent or part time basis.                                                GW/RK

-            TAS would also be happy to sponsor trips to award good behavior or performance

to e.g. Nakuru National Park or any other place of their choice.  SK, AW and FO were

tasked to organize and forward proposals.

7.         KF reported that we have around Kshs. 350,000/- in the bank account.

8.         FO was tasked to visit Kasarani School to discuss timings to organize transport arrangements. FO

9.         Uniforms to be provided on the same arrangement of TAS paying ½ and parents paying other

½ of total cost.  AW to give number and sizes.                                                                               AW

10.       Computer training center:-

-           The proposal written by FO was presented.  Sentiments expressed were that if the

center was opened to outsiders this would pose security danger.  It was resolved that

it should only therefore be open to Green park residents only.  Logistics to be looked

at regarding employment of a person to be in charge.                                                  RK/GW



1.         GM requested for Daniel or Emmanuel (IT) to be allowed to go to the school to use their

knowledge and skills to educate the older children, possibly using their computers for research,

on regular basis.                                                                                                                         RK/GW

2.         FO to assist AW to use the laptop to come up with bio data of the students and all

administration data.                                                                                                                    FO

3.         Emmanuel to begin computer package tutorials for AW                                                          SK

4.         Get quotations for young baby’s equipments – e.g. baby pens/ baby cars/ skipping ropes

balls etc                                                                                                                                     SK

5.         All in attendance were requested to complete tasks in time and with commitment                ALL

The meeting ended at 4.30 pm