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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




DATE: 16th July 2012





Mr. Kairu Joshua- H/T, Ikathima primary school

Mr. Daniel Kimwele Kalenga, Deputy H/T

Mr. James M. Maluki- Chairman

Mr. David M. Mwasya- Trustee (also chairman SMC)

Ms. Stella M. Munyoki Trustee (Teachers rep/TAS)

Ms. Njoki Kimotho- Trust secretary

Mr. Stephen Kameti- TAS Coordinator


Apologies: Mr. Kioko Mulaki Treasures, IPS trust.



  1. Fencing
  2. Completion reports
  3. Salaries adjustment
  4. Classrooms
  5. Dormitories
  6. Funded projects way forward
  7. AOB


The chairman requested Mr. Kairu to lead the meeting on his behalf. The meeting started at 1.15 pm with prayer by Mr. Kimwele.


Minutes from the last meeting were read by Stella Munyoki, and confirmed as true record of the meeting by Ms. Munyoki,  seconded by Mr. Maluki.


Matters arising:

Motivational day had been held successfully on 8th June 2012.

Mr. D. K. Kalenga had replaced the previous deputy H/t.


Agenda 1 – Fencing.


The school managing trustees had identified and contracted someone to do the fencing. The job was in progress and due to be finished on Thursday July 19th. The contractor was to be paid on completion of the project. The work had been done as per specification, except Ngombe barbed wire was not available and they had substituted with Devki.  Njoki enquired if the price of Devki was same as Ngombe. On inspection, the job was very well done. After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that the fence was worth the price, and that the contractor had to buy cement which had not been on our budget.


Njoki noted while she was happy the job was well done, there had been changes from what we had agreed on the last meeting, which she had not been informed of. She requested to be informed in future. She also requested to see the quotes that had been done and the H/t obliged.


On completion, the H/t was request to inform Njoki so she can make arrangements to pay. The chairman was also to check the completion, and call Njoki that he was satisfied.


Agenda 2 – Completion reports request.


Mr. Kairu was reminded that completion reports were expected of each funded project. He was requested to do one for the fencing and The motivational day, and forward to Njoki through Mr. Kameti by the end of the week.


Agenda 3 – Salaries


Njoki informed the meeting that she had adjusted the teachers salaries to the Ksh. 7,000 as per current funding, and paid areas for the months they had received less.


Agenda 4- Classrooms


Discussions around this had stalled, because World vision had said they would raise funds to improve the condition of the existing ones. Mr. Kameti had met with the World vision area coordinator, who had said they were in the process of raising funds. The meeting requested Mr. Kameti to follow up and give us a feed back at the end of the month. The chairman said the local trustees had met and agreed that they (community) would prefer to rehabilitate the existing classrooms, with or without help from World vision. Tas funding can then be used to build dormitories, to facilitate boarding for the pupils.

Njoki was advised to check with Gill if we could use them amount that had been approved to start working on the dorms.


Agenda 5- Dormitories


Mr. Kairu was requested to look for dormitory design. He said he would be able to do so by Thursday 19th, and report to Njoki.


Agenda 6.  Funded projects, way forward


Njoki explained that  the funded projects were to start after the satisfactory completion of the fencing.




Stella Munyoki wanted to know if remedial teaching would be funded under another name. She was informed that the teachers should make proposals for activities, such as drama, music, knitting, wildlife, scout etc clubs, educational visits to other schools, and whatever else they can think of. This is what Tas is likely to consider funding.


Mr. Kimwele asked if motivational day could be held annually, and was told they should make proposals as needed. He also asked if we could invite speakers to address the day’s attendees. It was felt that the school and local trustees should identify and invite successful local persons, so that the community and particularly pupils can identify with them.


There being no other issues, the meeting ended at 3.45 pm with prayers by Mr. Kimwele. The meeting participant took an inspection walk along the fence, and all was satisfied by a job well done.




Submitted by Njoki Kimotho,  Trust Secretary.