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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




DATE: 18TH MAY 2012



Mr. Kairu Joshua- H/T, Ikathima primary school

Mr. Kioko Mulaki- Treasurer, IPS Trust

Mr. James M. Maluki- Chairman

Mr. David M. Mwasya- Trustee (also chairman SMC)

Ms. Stella M. Munyoki Trustee (Teachers rep/TAS)

Ms. Njoki Kimotho- Trust secretary

Mr. Stephen Kameti- TAS Coordinator


  1. Classroom construction
  2. Motivational day
  3. Fencing
  4. Solar system
  5. Banking
  6. Communication problems and solutions.
  7. AOB

The chairman requested Mr. Kairu to lead the meeting on his behalf. The meeting started at 1.15 pm with a word of prayer by Mr. Kairu.

Agenda 1 – Classroom construction

Njoki gave the background of what has transpired from the beginning, which was confirmed by other trustees as true course of events. The trustees reglected the delays in making decisions and moving forward with this very important and necessary project. Delays were blamed on poor communication, especially between the H/t and Kameti/Njoki. To move forward we agreed that the H/t would make copies of the building  plan (that he had received only a few days earlier), and invite those who had tendered to compare the plan with their quotes and confirm or make amendments. The trustees would meet again to look at the new/amended quotes and choose the one to be awarded the job on June 8th.

Agenda 2 – Motivational day

UK trustees had agreed to fund this project, subject to breakdown of how the money would be used. Mr. Kairu had prepared and send the budget to Njoki. But Njoki had questions, and her attempts to reach Mr. Kairu to answer these questions were futile. By the time they finally talked and Njoki was then able to forward the budget to Gill, it was too late to have the event on the proposed 1st term closing day. This meeting rescheduled the date as 9th June 2012. Njoki was advised to send the sh. 32,500 to Mr. Kairu via Mpesa.

Agenda 3 – Fencing

Njoki informed the meeting that sh. 198,150 had been approved for the fencing project. The H/t was requested to make an implementation schedule and budget, and share with us on 8th. Money will be dispatched in installments for specific phases.

Agenda 4- Solar system installation

Njoki reported she had been aware of wish for a solar system for as long as she has know this school, and all that has transpired since.

We were now in possession of a quote by the person who installed solar at Kalumu. It would cost Ikathima around sh.325,000, but the approved amount for this project was 285,700. This  meeting approve of the work being awarded to this person, in view  that he had done a good job at Kalumu, but should be discussed with Gill due to the added cost.

Agenda 5- Banking

Njoki reported that in a meeting at The Chase bank attended by among others Kameti and herself, it had been agreed we change signatories. For the Ikathima school trust, Njoki could be the sole signatory. A discussion ensured and conclusion was Njoki had not had any major problems getting atleast one of the other signatories. The trustees felt signatories should remain as are.

The issue of poor services by Chase bank were discussed, among them bank charges, non action or delays, Misinformation, and high staff turnover leaving one not knowing who to go to. This meeting recommended change of the bank. Bank of Baroda was recommended because they give a checkbook on savings account which earn interest.

Agenda 6. Communication problems and solutions

Njoki commended the chairman for keeping in touch by phone. However she pointed out that she had had very frustrating times, as she tries to get in-touch with the H/t. In a trustees meeting, H/t had said he will touch base with Njoki weekly, but that was a non starter. After a lengthy discussion, Mr. Kairu promised to keep in touch, especially when necessary, especially when asked to respond to issues.


Stella Munyoki wanted to know what is happening to remedial teaching payments. Njoki responded that there was one that had taken a long time to be processed, because Mr. Kairu was not responding to questions asked. Other than that, there were no other requests for payment of last term of 2011. This year we did not even request for remedial teaching funds. Mr. Kameti explained that TAS was no longer going to fund remedial teaching. Instead, TAs was willing to fund other learning activities such as travel to other schools, clubs such as drama, debate, etc.

In the last meeting, teachers salaries were increased to sh.7,000  but  Njoki was still sending the old amount of 6,000. She promised to send areas in the next payment.

School management committee was advised to check with Kalumu, what Kalumu was doing that makes them more successful than Ikathima.

Boarding facilities funding was shelved, to be discussed in the next meeting on 8th June.

There being no other issues, the meeting ended at 3.30pm with prayers by Mr. Mwasya.

Submitted by Njoki Kimotho, Secretary.