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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




Date: 11th Jan 2012

Venue: Njoki’s house, Peponi rd, Nbi.

In attendance:

Njoki Kimotho Trust Secretary

Stephen Kameti TAS coordinator

Johnston Kioko  Ikathima P. Sch. Trustee

Gill Marshall Andrews

Njoki Introduced the meeting at 10.12 am. She said she had seen no need to have all the trustees meet, as much of the work agreed on in the last meeting had not been done. This meeting was to discuss how best to overcome the obstacles that are slowing down work at Ikathima.

Gill reported on her visit and discussions with C. M. Riungu, currently the bank manager at Hurlingham.  This is reflected on an email from Gill on the same day, please refer..

In the last Trustee’s meeting at Ikathima, it had been agreed that we get someone to cost rehabilitation on the three class rooms  and or knocking them down to make new ones using ISSB. This has not been achieved, though Stephen is still working on it. After a lenthy discussion, we agreed that the old dilapidated structure should be knocked down, and new ones done using foundation stones from Matuu, and machine cut stones from Thika.

Njoki will get someone to do a rough estimated on material material and labour costs, before we get quotes.

On quotes, Kioko felt that the community was viewing us as having “our own people” to do work at Ikathima. Despite the distance and difficulties we encountered last time, the quotes must be delt with fairly and transparently. This was, the community will feel part of the project and hopefully be very committed to taking part.

Njoki will call a Trustee meeting in about a week. Where she will give feed back on todays discussions, and get the trustees approval.

In the last meeting, the head teacher was supposed to come up with estimate on fencing costs of the school compound perimeter wall. Also an estimate of  Motivational day budget. Njoki will follow-up on this.

A proposal, approved, but waiting release of fund is the installation of Solar power. Ist one was done by Nzusson, and Stephen had send another one by email to Njoki. The two will review them and come up with way forward for approval by the trustees on the next meeting.

There being no other issues,  discussion ended at 11.45 am.

Njoki Kimotho