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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




PRESENT:  Gill Marshalls, Kate Fjastad, Gregory Wabuge, Alice Wangari, Rebecca Mugweru,

Daniel Kilonzo, Fred Omondi, Susan Karera, Oliver Muhindi

Meeting started at 4.10pm

Meeting started with introduction of Fred Omondi who is the GRVL Staff Welfare Coordinator

Matters arising

1.       Merry go round to be lockable and slide to be repaired by 15th February, 2012    OM

2.       Sand to be provided under the slide for safety                                                                   OM

3.       Toilets not flushing with flushes handles broken to be maintained regularly         OM

4.       Confirmed that Alice and Fred have and will forthwith meet weekly                        FO/AW

5.       Gutters to be connected to tank and make tapped water usable                                               OM

6.       The utensils sink should be raised so as not to be used for hand wash                     OM

7.       Cupboard lock to be repaired                                                                                                     OM

8.       Proposal to start a library for Loldia school going Children in the evenings or

School holidays to utilize story books.  Come up with proposal                                    FO

9.       Work out a plan to have one of the Teachers on duty during holidays                      GW/FO

10.   Confirmed that there is about Kshs.400,000/= in the Trust account                           KF

11.   Emphasis that children should not play without supervision during breaks            AW                        

12.   Reminder that parents committee meeting to be held once a month                      RK/FO

13.   Transport to and from Kasarani – confirmed that starting tomorrow there will

be transport paid for by parents              

14.   Proposal for management to hold meeting with Kasarani school so that children

leave at the same time by the matatu                                                                                    FO

15.   Established that new students require uniforms.  Teacher to provide list to be

forwarded to the Trust for funding                                                                                          AW/SK


1.       Toilets to be kept cleaner with proper supervision                                                           FO

2.       Kshs. 40,000/= required for the sand to be provided by the Trust                                              GM/KF

3.       Issue work order book for maintenance issues to the Teacher                                    FO

4.       Proposal to have a training center for computer use with the Trust funding

to pay a teacher.  Do ground work on number of people interested and find

out how much the teacher would charge                                                                              SK/FO

5.       Decrease in number in children noted in the school and for that reason

excellent performance expected                                                                                             AW

6.       Come up with proposals on more training requirements for the teachers                              AW

There being no other business the meeting was called to an end.