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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




Present :        

  1. Gill Marshall-Andrews                       2.         Cherry Ritchie

3.   Kate Fjastad                                        4.         Gregory Wabuge

5.   Reuben Kiritu                                     6.         Oliver Muhindi

7.   Daniel Kilonzo                                    8.         Susan Karera

Meeting was called to order 2.50pm

Ø  Started with introductions with Oliver the Engineer added as a member of the committee

Ø  Apology for T. Kagambi who was on leave

Minutes were confirmed by Cherry and seconded by Kate


  1. Water                          5.         Staffing
  2. All year care                6.         Financing
  3. Adult facilities                        7.         Regularity of meeting
  4. Books


                                                                                                                        ACTION BY

1.         Confirmed that Col Kiritu will supervise operations in the school                 RK

2.         Donated books follow up on records by Friday                                       DK/AW

2.         Have a system in place to keep track of the books                                   AW/DK

3.         Confirmed that the school has enough curriculum books                               AW

4.         Noted that 28 little children are too many to be taken care of

            by one teacher, so she probably needs assistance from a parent

            with an incentive.  Parents committee to be approached to forward

            names of two parents for the same                                                           RK/AW

5.        Fix an age when a child can join thus not less than 3 years                       RK/AW    

6.        Emphasize that it not a day care but a school                                            RK/AW    

7.        Proposal to have a separate place for children under 3 years                    RK/AW

8.        Play ground equipments installed apart from one which is in progress           OM

9.        Theme painting of the school to be done                                                         OM

10.      Play ground to be sanded to avoid accidents this week                                  OM

11.     Gutters fitting in progress to be ready this week                                              OM

12.     Grass planting in progress                                                                                 DK

13.     Macintosh to be bought by end of next week                                                  DK

14.     Have all the receipts for the equipments forwarded for filling                                    SK

15.     Get quotations for indoor games equipments and painting and colors                  SK/AW    

16.     Seats will be provided by the lodge and the lodge will thru CSR invite

          for lectures e.g. family planning/ first aid etc                                           RK/GW

17.     All informed that lighting will be provided in the near future                         GW


  1. Kshs. 307,000/= left in the account
  2. Have a system for taking inventory of books
  3. If proposals are forwarded to the Trust they would be happy to

donate computers

  1. Try and get a solution to transport problem for the children to and from Loldia, Parents / lodge and Trust may make a contribution towards it

Regularity of meetings

1.         Management to meet every 2nd Thursday of month

2.         Call for meetings every three months


1.                  Suggestion to have leaflets on the school at the reception

2.                  Members of the golf club to be encouraged to donate towards support for the school

3.                  Proposal to have an open day to create awareness to people around green park

There being no other business the meeting ended at 5.00pm