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Minutes from Trustees Meeting

Jackson Olaka, James Mwangi, Alice Wangari, Cherry Ritchie, Gill Marshall-Andrews



1.    Reading, understanding. and signing of TRUST DOCUMENT by the TRUSTEES.~
2.       Election of Chairman and Secretary
3.       Bank Account and signatories
4.       Code of practice for the Trust
5.       AOB
6.       Next meeting

Jackson Olaka, Alice Wangari, James MwangiGill Marshall-Andrews, Cherry Ritchie

Caroline Rune, Roselyne Wootton

1.  The TRUST DOCUMENT was read by all Trustees present and  duly signed by :  Gill Marshall- Andrews, Jackson Olaka, Alice Wangari, James Mwangi, Cherry Ritchie and  witnessed by Obed Ingalula.

 Document to be sent to Caroline Rune and Roselyne Wootton  for them to sign as Trustees.

The Trust as set up to have a minimum of four Trustees at any one time and if one Trustee should leave, another may be appointed by the agreement of the remaining Trustees.

2.  Election of Chairman and  Secretary

It was agreed unanimously that Jackson Olaka should be the Chairman and Cherry Ritchie the Secretary.  An Hon Treasurer will be sought in due course.

3.  Bank Account and signatories

Under normal circumstances cheques should be signed by  the Secretary (Cherry Ritchie) ,and one of the other Signatories (James Mwangi, Jackson Olaka, Rosleyne Wootton),  but in exceptional circumstances any two should have the power to sign cheques .

When the Bank Account is opened at CFC In Naivasha by Cherry she will ask them to waive all bank charges on the Trust Account as it is a Charitable Trust.

4.  Code of practice for the Trust

The following code of practice was agreed:

i)  No expenses to be claimed by the Trustees as a result of work undertaken for the Trust.

ii)  No administration costs or overheads, unless under exceptional circumstances.

iii) .Minutes to be taken at every meeting and circulated as soon as possible after the meeting.

iii)  Agenda to be made available to the Trustees before every meeting.

5.  Any other Business.

Antony Ambehelo to be invited to be an additional trustee of The Green Park School Trust.

6.  Date of next meeting   3pm on Tuesday 14 March 2006 at Green Park School