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Minutes from Trustees Meeting




                                    DATE : 10TH February 2010

                                     Time : 12.30 to 3.30 pm


Item                                                     Presenter & estimated time

  1. Call meeting to order, introductions, apologies and prayers.  Chairman-5 mins
  2. Approval of agenda – Chairman 5 mins
  3. Approval of previous minutes – Chairman 5 mins
  4. Matters arising from the previous minutes – Chairman 10 mins
  5. Report on progress of classroom renovations – H/T  -10 mins
  6. Report on school performance; general and girls vs boys- H/T 10 mins
  7. Discussion on proposal for classes renovation and remedial teaching – 30 mins
  8. AOB – 10 mins
  9. Set date for next meeting – 5 mins

Present Trustees:

Mr. James  Musyoka Maluki -  Chairman

Mr. Titus Mwasia Mughi – Head teacher, Ikathima pri. Sch.

Ms Stella M. Munyoki  - Trustee

Mr. Kioko Mulaki  – Trustee

Ms. Njoki Kimotho – Trust secretary

In attendance:

Mrs. Gill Marshall Andrews- UK Trust secretary

Mr. Stephen Kameti – TAS/KWS Liaison officer

Mr. Mark Cheruiyot- KWS, Kora.

Mrs. Hellen Ndeti- TAS secretary, Usueni high school

Min 1

Although various discussions had taken place and the teachers of the whole school had met with the trustees for introductions, the meeting was officially called to order at 1.16 pm. Trustee introductions were done and prayer was led by S. Kameti.

The Chairman requested Mr. Mughi to lead the meeting on his (chairman’s) behalf, and Mr. Mughi agreed to the same.

 Mrs. Gill Marshall asked if the chairman of the school management committee was a trustee and was informed he was not. This is because although he had been invited to the inauguration meeting, he did not turn up and his place was therefore given to someone else. Mrs. Andrews suggested that we incorporate him as a trustee. This could be done simply, by making a note on the minutes, and sending a copy of the minutes to our lawyer,  Mr. Nzili Kyania.  By copy of this minutes, we are inviting Mr. David Munyoki Muasya to join the Ikathima Primary School Trustees, Chairman of Ikathima School Management committee subject to his approval of the same.

 Min 2

The agenda was approved with amendment to the numbering.

Min 3

The secretary distributed copies of the previous meeting minutes, then read a copy of the same. The minutes were passed as a true record of what was discussed with a few amendment of  a couple of omitted names,  omitted figure, and a few grammatical errors.

Proposed by Mr. Kioko and seconded by Njoki.

Min 4

A number of those present raised concern of min 4, where we had said the AEO might demand a sitting allowance. Njoki answered that she had reported the discussion as was, but that we had resolved to explain how TAS worked and invite and continue inviting them to all the meetings.  On the same minute the term shifta was changed to read bandits.

Min 5

Mr. Mughi had not invited the Ministry of works officer. Instead he had invited a qualified local engineer to do the plan and  estimates. He was expecting the information by the next meeting which was supposed to be 16th Feb. Once we brought the meeting a week forward, he was unable to have the information in time for the meeting. He was advised to send the same to us via email through Mr. Kameti.  Njoki Kimotho wondered if it would not be preferable to construct new classroom instead of renovating the old ones, which were not in very good shape. The issue was discussed at length and Mr. Mughi was to look at it as an option. He was  advised to enquire on ISSB interlocking blocks.

Mr. Kioko reported that CDF had not allocated money to Ikathima. He explained that it would be hard for CDF to fund Ikathima, or any other school who had a donor, leaving out schools that had no outside  help. He suggested that TAS considers not pegging their donation on cost share with CDF as it was unlikely the above scenario would change.

Min 6

Some of this had been reported in the previous meeting minute 6. In addition, Mr. Mughi said last years mean score was 242 as compared to the previous years 282. Of the 12 students who had sat KCPE, three had reported to high school. The rest, including the best girl student had not, mostly due to school fees.

A forth teacher, Ms. Syengo, a trained ECD teacher had been recruited and reported to work.

Feeding program had been suspended as the food had run out.

On gender issues, it was noted that more girls had been graduating from Std, 8, as compared to the boys, The girls were also performing better at KCPE. However, the issue of early marriages is still a problem that need to be looked into.

Min 7

Please refer to min 5, for the classroom renovation proposal.

Mrs. Andrews told the meeting of bandas that had been constructed at Mivukoni high school and Mr. Mughi was requested to look at them to see if they might have a need for the same.

Remedial teaching was taking place for Std. 4  to 8. The children report to school  by 7am, and had a one and half hour extra tuition. They also report to school on Saturdays.

Parents are supposed to pay sh. 30 per week for the morning tuition, but most of them were not doing so. Mrs. Andrews wanted to know what other monies are levied on parents. Mr. Mughi reported that they had wanted to buy a solar panel and installation gadgets to ease night learning. (Std. 8 pupil attend night classes. Girls go home while those from far away go to sleep at the residence of the community around. Boys who can not reach home sleep on the floor in a classroom). So far, the parents had contributed Sh. 7000 toward the solar, with a target of sh. 100,000. Mr. Mughi wondered if TAS can provide the difference of sh. 93,000. He was advised to get a proper quotes for the cost of purchasing the materials and installing, and get back to us.

School levies are:

Sh. 30  per student for morning remedial tuition.

Sh. 20 per student for the solar system.

Sh. 10 per student for the Saturday tuition.

Sh. 200 per parent for Latrines being constructed . (currently, there are 106 parents)

Min 8 AOB

Mr. Mughi reported there was a borehole to be constructed 200 metres from the school compound. This should provide adequate water for the school and the community around.

The trustees requested Mr. Mughi to tell them through the secretary, which other NGO/financiers worked at his school.

Min 9

The next meeting will take place on May 10th in Nairobi, the Secretary’s house.

There being no other issues, the meeting ended at 15.45 pm.

Recorded by Njoki Kimotho, Trust secretary.