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Minutes from Trustees Meeting





Cherry Ritchie (CR)                                                                Roselyn Wootton (RW)                     

Kate Fjastad (KF)                                                                   David Morgan (DM)

Timothy Kagambi (TK) - Chairing                                           Alice Wangari (AW)

Susan Karera (SK)


Reuben Kiritu (RK)                                                                 David Muchiri (DM) - Parent

The meeting was called to order at 05.25pm.

Minutes of the last meeting were read:-

Matters arising:-

Ø      Donated books received in the school – count and do a list and start using them

Ø      The few older children can use the books in library, if too many donate to Eburu school

Ø      Management has provided basic teaching books to the school, based on approved curriculum.

Ø      Enrolment – get a committee chaired by Col. Reuben Kiritu, Parents Representatives and the Teachers to oversee enrolment and general supervision

Ø      Proposal to get an extra teacher or probably get a parent to assist when there is need.  AW to advice when required.

Ø      Look into possibility to have a caretaker for the children during school holidays who will be given an incentive – possibly a non working parent.

Ø      Try and organize a camp for December like last school holidays.

Ø      Management will provide toilet paper for the children’s use.  Older children to be taught how to use them.


1.      School Fencing

2.      Planting of trees and grass

3.      Budget for playground equipments

·         By January when school opens the play ground should be complete

·         Send painter to decorate the school with numbers, alphabets and attractive paintings on the walls.

·         Supervise play times to avoid accidents and children skipping classes in preference of the play area.

Minute 1.0      Fencing

1.1  Fence to be around the class block and playground with a gate to close in the evening.

1.2  The tank should also be inside the fence.

1.3  The play ground should be in a small fence inside the bigger fence.

1.4  To also provide a sand pit area for younger children.                 

2.0       Planting trees and grass

2.1       Planting of tress and grass will begin after the fence is in place.

2.2       Plant grass on areas where there are no equipments and put pumice or sand on areas with equipments.

2.3       Suggestion to provide shades later for children resting, however this was disregarded since the veranda is already existing and is covered.

3.0       Budget          

3.1       Budget of Kshs. 143,000/- for the play ground equipments was approved.

3.2       Allocate some money to buy uniforms- agreed Kshs. 20,000/- where parents will also contribute 50% cost of making the uniforms to enhance sense of responsibility.

3.3       Material for uniforms to be bought, for uniforms to be prepared at the Lodge by Tailor from Kasarani.

3.4       Cheque for Kshs. 173,000/= to Green Park Golf and Country club was issued  



  Kshs. 143,000.00      - Equipments

                                                                                   20,000.00      - School uniforms

                                                             10,000.00       - Xmass gifts

173,000.00     A receipt was issued for the same.

3.5         Forward all receipts for purchases for record keeping and accountability.


1.         Xmass party decorations – H/keeping to assist.

2.         Mothers will not be allowed in the children’s party unless accompanying the very small babies.

3.         Come up with indoor activities e.g. painting, molding etc for cold or rainy seasons

4.        The extra class will be used for adult and family education once seats have been    

           ordered.  This will be strictly initially for GRVL and Green Park staff.

5.         Long term plan to have computer lessons to keep up with technology.       

The meeting ended at 6.30 pm