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Drilling for water at Kora Secondary School
A generous donor has funded a borehole in the extremely dry remote area ....(read more)

Asako greenhouse renovation
Students at Asako Primary School are renovating the greenhouse that was ....(read more)

Boka children clean up.
Boka students are helping to clean up their environment.  Boys and ....(read more)

Local African Trusts

  • The mechanism we have chosen for the transfer of funds is to set up a series of small informal local charitable trusts with each one sitting alongside a particular African school.
  • Each trust is dedicated entirely to supporting a local school and is legally constituted with Trustees from the school and the community.  All trusts include people with business or professional backgrounds who come from outside the local community.
  • This ensures accountability and transparency whilst at the same time building capacity at local level.
  • Each trust has a local bank account with a signatory personally known to TAS trustees..
  • Decision -making resides with the local trustees who have the responsibility to set priorities for expenditure and account for the money.
  • No expenses (except under exceptional circumstances) will be claimed and all administration and evaluation will be undertaken free.
  • This means that 100% of donations will be used for the direct benefit of present and future pupils in the schools.
  • Over the years we have established 18 local trusts -  in Kenya ( at Eburru Secondary and Primary School, Green Park Nursery School, Asako Primary School, Madogo Secondary School, Ikathima Primary School, Kalumu Primary School, Boka Primary School,  Usueni Girls Secondary School and Mivukoni Secondary School), Mitamysi Secondary School, Jarajara Primary School, Kaseluni Primary School, Boka Primary School, El Rar Primary School) and 1 in Ethiopia (at Kimphe Langano Primary School).    In the active period while  TAS is providing project funding the trusts meet termly  and the minutes of their meetings can be seen via the relevant school link.  They are setting  their priorities for funding  and preparing their proposals ( see 'requirements' link for each school). 
  • The trust in Uganda (at Buheesi Secondary School) was taken over in 2009 by a new organisation - the Uganda Schools Trust - which is supporting schools in Uganda on the TAS model.