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Exam Results Overview
2019 Results 

The attached tables show school results over the period 2010-19 for the Primary Schools and Secondary Schools for which TAS has provided support.

Three indicators are shown per school per year; for boys, girls and total:

  • Number of pupils entered for exams
  • Mean score achieved
  • Number of pupils achieving the qualifying score for the next level of education
  • Not all data is complete, comments are made on the available data

Primary Results to 2022 (Download)

  • Numbers of exam entries have been fairly level on average since 2016. In 2019, Jarajara showed a marked reduction in boys entries while girls increased. At Kaseluni, entries doubled for both genders.
  • Mean scores overall have fallen back a little since 2018, probably reflecting the tougher exam regulations. Boys typically outperform girls, on average by about 10%. Jarajara improved results for both genders while Kaseluni girls fell back, perhaps reflecting the doubled entry. El Rar showed a typical first year performance.
  • Qualifications for secondary entry, previously a mean score above 250, are now less relevant because from 2020 all children will be required to attend secondary school. Reporting for 2019 is mixed in this respect.

Secondary Results for 2019 (Download)

  • Results for 2019 are currently reported from Mitamisyi and Kora. Mitamisyi doubled its boys entries and achieved higher mean scores, however girls fell back. Kora in its first year entered 16 pupils though scores were relatively low. No pupils achieved qualifying scores for tertiary education, as in previous years.