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Asako School
310 pupils

This is a school of 310 students aged 5 -19 in an extremely remote and poor district of Kenya on the River Tana just outside the Kora National Park..

The school was built by the colonialists in the 60s but after a few years of operation  it remained unused for 3 decades.The  local community started up an unofficial  pre-primary class in 2000 after which the government accredited  the school and did some basic renovations. 

Pupil numbers grew rapidly and the government  now supplies five  teachers in addition to the headteacher.  

Problems for the school are wide ranging: insecurity, drought, poverty, lack of resources, poor working conditions for teachers, early marriage, high level of adult illiteracy, child labour, hiv/aids.

The Asako Primary School Trust was set up in September 2006. Since then TAS has supplied funding for staff accommodation for 8 teachers, desks, fuel efficient cookers, lockable storage, curriculum materials and books, a caretaker, fence, 4 extra teachers including 2 women, educational visits and out of school hours activities.

The nursery is now thriving, the  enrolment of girl students has increased and a very successful adult literacy class for women has been established.  Exam results in 2014 were improved especially for girls.

Partnerships have been established with the Kenya Wildlife Service who have helped with logistics, communication and project management. 

This is a complicated community and the school faces regular setbacks and environmental challenges.  The area is not very secure at present so meetings are usually held in Mwingi or Nairobi. It is however important to keep working in this area and it is for that reason that TAS has been supporting the school for longer than usual. 


Hassan Farah Suleiman

Trust Secretary
Sarah Wright

Trust Address

C/o Asako Primary School,  P O Box 57792 - 00200, Nairobi.

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Chase Bank K Ltd
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