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Kora Secondary School
72 pupils

Kora Secondary School was established in 2016 in response to pressure from the Asako community on the Tana River.  The Ministry of Education formally registered it and posted a headteacher i n 2017.  Prior to that the nearest secondary school was 103 km away and few children leaving primary school went on to continue their studies.

The new school currently shares facilities with Asako Primary School which TAS has supported for 8 years.  The community has allocated land for the new school but there are no buildings yet so the 72 secondary school students currently enrolled are squeezed into primary school classrooms and dormitories.  Indeed one of the main reasons that the school was established was that the TAS -built girls dormitories would encourage families to allow their girls to get a secondary education. 

The priority for the school is to build 4 classrooms, as there are 4 year groups in secondary schools. 


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