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Kaseluni Primary School
166 pupils

Kaseluni Primary School was originally established in 2002 by a group of young families in a new settlement area very close to the Mwingi National Reserve border.  Their children were having to walk over 11 kms twice a day to the nearest school and their hope was that a new school would ease this problem.  From the beginning it has suffered from bandit activity and drought, but since 2011 it has been taken on by the government so its future is secure.The families live in mud huts and the classrooms are similarly mud walled and grass thatched.  There are no desks and very few resources.Water is collected from an earth dam nearby but that dries out for at least 3/4 months a year causing families to drift away during these months. 
The school is strategically important because of its location close to the border with the Kora/ Mwingi conservation area.  The hope is that if TAS supports the school, the community will see the benefit of conservation and be less likely to engage in activities that degrade the ecosystem.




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