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TAS Quarter Report (summary); April-June 2010: by  Stephen SK


The period under review reflects the key achievement over the last three months - between April to June.  The report contains implementation experiences experienced during the same period as while as planned activities for the next three months.

Most of the activities carried during the period was implementation of activities planned and funding in the earlier quarter (January - March).


Key achievements


1.                  Installation of Boka primary school Trust(BPST) and first funding need of 100 desks presented possibly to be funded after opening of the Trust Account.  The Account to be opened with Equity bank - Garrissa.  A Total of 9 trustees formed the local Trust; 5 local trustees and 4 external trustees; not counting the Trust Secretary has not yet been identified.


2.                  All the six local trust held their local trust meeting and had their main activity operation streamlined according to TAS operation guideline - see table 1


3.                  Usueni and Mivukoni received Science equipment Donation from U.K College; West Angelia College.  The Material will be handed over officially to the two schools in a colorful ceremony on 17th /July/2010 at Mivukoni Sec. School. The Occasion to be graced by VP wife – Pauline among other KWS Snr        staff members from Nairobi, Ministry of education officials will also attend to popularize the TAS Model

4.                  Joint planning of KWS and TAS operation during KWS national wardens’ workshop [power point presentation on the achievements, TAS operation model and plans.  The occasion was graced by KWS Director and the presentation was over whelmingly received by participants.

5.                  Involvement and participation of Mivukoni Secondary School student in designing of library building through design competition.  This was in the effort of increasing students’ participation towards academic improvement programs as contributor not only as consumer.  The wining student will be awarded on 17th during the Donation handing over occasion to be done by B.O.G members.



6.                  Great improvement seen within the Asako primary School in terms of proposal preparation, pupils commitment to studies and  local communities commitment to academic improvement by setting up a boys boarding program.








Local Trust

Activity(ies) under Taken


1.  Madogo Sec. School

1.  Construction of Science

      Lab using ISS Bs

2.   Students bench -  marking

      Program between school and

      Alliance school

1of 1; Roofing done, internal

fitting and plastering going


2 of 2; lessons learnt being implementation in the school through involvement of teachers,B.O.G and local community (parents) all have performance targets

2.  Asako Primary School

1.  Start of boarding scheme for



2.  Remedial teaching working and

    Afternoon extra time teaching


3.Participation in Music and scouts festivals at various levels Zonal, District  and inter school

1 of 1; this is facilitated by the local

Community.  They have requested

TAS to assist in construction of

Female dorm.


2 of 2; Teachers have volunteered

their time to expedite this.


3 of 3; 23 pupils attended,

Participated in the zonal music

Festival  held at Madogo.

3. Ikathima

1.  Held trust meeting @ Nairobi

(Secretary’s premises)


2.  Localised Remedial teaching






1 of 1; meeting held and resoluted

to revise the proposals on:- renovation

, remedial and, consequently

forward the same to UK TAS for

funding appeal .


2 of 2;  this is a local arrangement of

Teachers and parents as they wait

For TAS funding on the same


4.  Kalumu

1.  Held trust meeting at the school

At the school.


2. One extra  -  Teacher funded for one year due to doubling

of children Nursery class: 

contract of one years – May  -

2010 -  April 2011

1of 1; resolution to present to TAS proposal on:- Remedial teaching , fencing, school renovation



2 of 2; the teachers proposal now funded from may to April 2011 and the teacher already in school.

-Now two nursery school teacher



5.  Usueni Gilrs Secondary  School

1.  Trust meeting held at the school



2. Remedial teaching going on

(already funded)


3.Received lab equipment

 (donated to the school and



1 of 1; resoluted revision of the tour

Proposal then be forwarded to TAS for

Funding appeal


2 of 2; Principal to develop

Accountability form. Money to be

Transferred to pay teachers as it appears in the budget.  There is already improvement according to internal exams.  From 3.3 to 3.9 points


3 of 3; The Donation is already at Mivukoni school and will be officially

Handed- over to the school on 17th at

Mivukoni Secondary School .

6.  Mivukoni Secondary


1.  Remedial teaching going on

(already funded by TAS


2.  Received lab – equipment

     Donation from UK


3.Completion of fending of

Banda area and planting of Trees

At the Banda area (centre of exellenty).


4.Completion of design of library by students through competitions. The lib. will  feed the Banda study rooms.


1 of 1; Morning and evening extra time

Teaching going on and students looks very Active and involved.


2 of 2; material already at the school to be handed over at the school on 17th

July 2010.


3 of 3; the Area well fenced with

chain link  wire and trees doing very well.


4 of 4; competition done and one student design selected as the best now being drawn to scale by draft person  with a cost quotation of 1.7 million

7.  Boak Primary School

1.  The inaugurated in colorful

Ceremony. The school is just at the

Boarder of Kora hort sport  full of

Wildlife human conflict Zone)

1 of 1; The immediate need of the trust

is Desks (100 desks)


The trust has yet no Secretary to

complete  formal operation especially opening of bank account.













Planned Activities


1.   Opening of bank account for Boka Trust (process already started  having local trustees done their part)  we need secretary who is normally external trustee.

2.   Mivukoni handing over of lab equipment and opening of Banda study room site on 17th July 10 at Mivukoni Secondary school.

3.   Actual implementation of the funded trusts’ projects with various deadlines.

4.   Filling of completion report forms of accomplished projects by various trust deadline end July ‘10.

5.   Strengthen documentation/communication at various levels at the local Trusts as while as for the external trusts’ members.

6.   Implementation of funded projects by various local trusts.