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Local report

Filed by Stephen Kameti


The period under review reflects achievements over the last three months i.e January to March. Still, it contains planned activities for the next three months; April- June.

However the write-up will depict prevailing key challenges affecting implementation of the project and possible admired intervention to meet the challenges.

Activities implementation report per trust





Usueni girls (U.S.S.T)

Solar installation (200ms, Admin, class rooms)

Installation complete- end March

The project was launched with world vision funded project by V.P on 9thApril 2010

Kalumu Primary School Trust (KPST)

Exams and remedial teaching

Exams already purchased and done by pupils remedial teaching going on

The remedial teaching is being done during Holiday only for senior classes 6-8. This makes it remedial / holiday tuition.


Remedial teaching

This is on. Partly sponsored by parents waiting  TAS funds

The teachers have extra teaching time in the morning and after classes

Mivukoni Secondary (MSST)

- Completion of Banda construction


- Tree planting at the Banda area

- Fencing of the Banda area

- 2 Banda remaining un -thatched others complete

- Trees being planted by student: not complete

- poles installed awaiting barbed wire fixing

The management of the area has been taken by scouts' body of the school especially planting of trees and other ornamental plants.

Madogo Secondary School (MSST)

-Purchase of ISSB machine

-Construction of the science lab

-Machine bought and in use

-On going project (slab  complete and walling started)

The process is alittle bit slow due to production of bricks therefore the project might take longer time than it was planned.

Asako Primary School (APST)

No new project during the quarters

-Ongoing normal teaching

On TAS teaching staffs one TAS lady teacher was replaced by a young man due to her health problem. The young man is doing a commendable job. He is a P1 teacher

Boka Primary Schol

Setting up of trust team

-In process.

- local team composition complete still working for external trustee who will be the secretary

The trust will be inaugurated on the month of May 2010. The school already has one external trustee; Falim Bayusuf (Businessman) can't operate emails.


  1. Variety in meeting common needs especially remedial teaching; possible solution- harmonized token in primary schools and secondary schools
  2. Communication;  possible solution - establish communication centres in already sponsored schools which has availability of communication signal
  3. Overwhelming needs in both schools; possible solution- adhere to school strategic plans




  1. Setting and inauguration of Boka Primary school Trust.
  2. Possibly develop the 1st funding proposal  for the Boka established
  3. Local trust meetings in the seven school in May 2010

Stephen Kameti

16 April 2010