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Local report

Filed by Stephen Kameti

TAS / KWS  Quarterly Summary [July - Sept 2009].


The period in question like the previous was characterized with harsh climatical conditions throughout the period although this time aggravated by combination of prolonged drought and ugly scenes of resource conflicts. These are summaries of the three months activity implementation for Mwingi and Bura Districts school Trusts only (Ikathima, Kalumu, Mivukoni, Usueni, Asako, Madogo). 

The implementation of project activities in Mwingi Schools went smoothly although there were same small gaps. The partner agencies played their complementary role especially the CDF. The biggest threat experienced in the area was prolonged drought which was/is at the scale of threatening both human beings and animals. Despite the above challenge , the project managed to make  the following achievements  within the quarter:-


1. The new four schools in Mwingi have their funded project implemented or in the process of implementation

a.       Mivukoni -       Remedial Teaching.

b.      Kalumu –         School Feeding [ Food For Pupil]

c.       Ususeni –         Book: Reference Books.

d.      Ikathuwa  -       School Feeding [ Food For Pupi)l.

2. The Trust schools in Mwingi had their 1st trust meeting after inauguration. very successful. ( 15th  and 16th  sept.09 at Mwingi)

3. The school trusts did their  proposal during the September,09, meetings and later forwarded  to TAS for funding consideration. The proposal were funded during sept, 09 TAS meeting at UK.( see breakdown below):-

Funds received; funds send to the Kenya Bank on 24th sept.2009 by TAS-UK.

Kalumu – Four Teachers One Year Contract. Amount funded Ksh.       288,000/=

Inathima – For 4 Teachers One Year Contract. Amount funded Ksh.240,000/=

Mivukoni – For Study Room Badas[ 10 Bandas]Amount received Ksh.154,000/=

Usueni – For 3 Teachers two Years Contract. Amount received Ksh.576,000/=

Madogo – For 1SSB[1] Machine. ( money earlier send before sept.24th ,09)

Asako –  Inservice of pr-school teacher.   Amount received Ksh. 22,000/-

4. At least enhanced understanding of TAS model operation was met during the meetings discussions [see trust minutes @ the website.]

5. Kick off of the schools strategic planning; initial stage explained and modality of implementation set.

6. Successful meeting with the MOE[2]  director of basic education. Possibility of waving payment charges on donated materials from UK and other countries to TAS supported assisted schools.

7. General meeting with Gill ( GM) and all trustees. Meeting held at Nairobi (at Harriet resident who is  Mivukoni trust secretary)  to discuss all cross- cutting issues. Very successful.


1.Communication net work; especially of the secretaries and school heads; most of the school have no communication network signal making it difficult for secretary to consult the school heads whenever they are in need of some urgent clarification . This is common with Mwingi schools expect Mivukoni secondary which has signal in various points.

Possible bridge–in solution [ as we push for raising of signal post in those areas] equip Mivukoni school with laptop/ desktop and internet modem, then the other schools can come and  check their  mails at the school ( central point) . The school secretary of Mivukoni School can also check the mails and communicate to the relevant school much faster using local communications channels. The same we can do to Asako where Madogo becomes the centre [Madogo has signal]

2. Still drought! Temperatures too high sometimes as high as 40’c, local community resources reserves depletion making most of the school needs shift to emergency.

There is a lot of resource conflicts between human beings and human being vs animals.

3. Unclear school needs and priorities in most of schools and consequently how they relate to school academic improvement.

Possible solution; school visioning: SSP[3]

Future plans

1)      Training and facilitate the six school trusts to come up with school strategic plan. The strategic plan to focus on at least 3 years to begin with.

2)      Implementation of the funded project of the July – Sept quarters.

3)      Strengthening communication networks between the external trustees i.e secretaries and local trustees for efficient implementation of trust works.

4)      Explore the possibility of local supporters.

5)      Enhance further main streaming of the trust model within the KWS[4] operations.

6)      Develop / adopt TAS model financial returns system / format.

7)      Completion of project completion form for completed trust projects.


Local MP. Hon Musyoka to attend House of Commons TAS fundraising forum in November 2009

KWS Country Director promises enhanced partnership with TAS and scale-up of the project year 2010

External trustees [secretaries] keen on local fund raising in future.

This term, 15 and 10 additional pupils to Kalumu and Ikathima primary schools respectively due to availability of food.



[1] Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks

[2] Ministry Of Education

[3] School Strategic Plan

[4] Kenya Wildlife Services