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Local report

Filed by Stephen Kameti

TAS – 2RD QUARTER REPORT- April to June  09.
1. Introduction.
The period under reviewed was characterized with various activities like inauguration of Trusts and progressive formalization of operation of respective Trusts and Trustees.

2. Acheivements during the period.
i).  4 school Trusts inaugurated (colorful occasion).
ii). Identification of school priority needs (1st three).

School trust teams; their current occupation, their specific roles and trusts’ priority need ( at least the 1st three).

Mivukoni Secondary School
1. Francis koma
Chair person
Drought Moritoring Officer

2.  Mrs Muitinda. A
Sch. Principal
School Principal/Teacher

3.Mrs Mutuku
Teacher Rep.

4.Angeline mbula
BoG rep.
CDF Treasurer

5. Harriet Matsaert
External Trustee

6.William Mutheki

Priority needs:

Books and remedial teaching, female dormitory, Water

Ikathima primary
1. Titus K. Mughi
School H/Teacher

2.James M.Maluki
Chair Person
Committee member SMC

3.Stephen M.Nguli
Business lady

4. Mulaki Kioko
Employee;  Kenya Parliament

5. Stella M. Munyoki
Teacher Rep.

6. Ms Njoki Kimotho
External trustee

Priority needs:

Food, School kitchen, school renovation

Usueni Girls
1.Musyoka Mutia
Education Officer /BoG Rep.

2. Martha Muthengi
School Principal

3. Peter M. Musembi
Teacher Rep.

4 .MrsHellen  Ndeti
External Trustee

5..Ms Kyambi Kavali
Chair person
ICRC –Kenya ( HoD)

Priority needs:

Remedial teaching and books, lighting, 3 extra teachers.

Kalumu Primary
1.Stephen N. Kasovo
Head Teacher

2.Musyoki Mulaki
Chairperson SMC

3.Patrick mukora
Teacher Rep.

4.Sanjmi Kent
External Trustee

5.Mwendwa Kimwele
Local Opinion Leader, Member  SMC

6. Kyania Nzili
Lawyer, External Trustee

Priority needs:

Food, 3 extra teachers, school renovation

Achievements contd:

iii) Bank Accounts opening for the four schools Trust process started: Delay due to same changes with the bank documentation Bank Accounts being opened with chase Bank – Nairobi branch.

iv).  Identification of the local lawyer of Mwingi school trusts Christopher Kyania Nzili.

3. Challenges
i).  Drought; where drought and consequential famine effects are deeply embedded in the area such that it has practically affected every fibre of schools and community development activities; possible action- school feeding program.
ii). Slowness in implementation of CDF funds where it’s required to complement the other TAS financially; possible action; Enhanced consultation with area MP.
iii). Overwhelming school needs making it difficulty when it comes to prioritizing the needs some needs are urgent but in terms of importance not and others are important and not urgent; Possible action- Strategic plans in each trust.
iv). Adjustment of chase bank:  Account opening process; more forms and signs. This has caused sour delay in bank opening for the four trusts.

4. Action plans; July – September quarter plans
i).  Completion of opening of the trusts’ bank accounts with chase bank
ii). Development of fund raising flyer/brounchres.
iii). Formulation/Development of strategic plan for the 6 school trust: Kalumu, Ikathima, Usueni, Mivukoni, Mandogo and Asako. 5 yrs strategic plan and possibly  a general one for TAS Program.
iv). Actual implementation of the school feeding program especially in the 2 primary school: Ikuthima and Kalumu: depending on the funding.
v). Mainstreaming of TAS plans into the KWS master PPM (project planning matrix) through joint planning especially for mwingi schools.
vi). Develop extra proposal for Kalumu primary school on pupils de-worming: in collaboration with Ministry of Health: Kyuso District.
vii). Meeting with all collaborators in the area to re-visit our collaboration plans i.e World Vision, German Agro Action, CDF Team and MoE( Ministry of Education)

5. Others
-Donations; British Institute Donation of library shelves to Usueni girls. Already done under facilitation of transport through District Commissioner’s office – Mwingi.
-Books and other learning assortment donation by NBI schools to the 2 primary schools: through Harriet.