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Free Secondary School for all.
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School renovation (3 classes).

Funded; 1.5 million-


Expected to be complete by mid Feb. 2015.

Contractor at the site.



Completed January.

47 pupils and 4 teachers participated.

Learning trip to mombasa

Funded 334,000/=

Ongoing within the month of Feb.2015

44 pupils and 8 teachers participated.



Funded; 177,000/=


Done within the month of Feb.2015

49 pupils and 2 teachers participated.

 Sports equipments


In the process of purchasing.

By end first term to be implemented


Girls compound screen

Funded; 195,000/=

Completed end Dec.

Now girls can board without fear of harassment by public especially at night.

Additional teacher.

Funded for one year ( one teacher) 84,000/=

Commenced January 2015; On going

Parents contribution 1000/ PM on top of the support.

Kitchen construction.

Funded; 450,000

Work commencing end Feb.2015

There was small delay sorting out issue of contractor.

Usueni Girls secondary school

Learning trip to Mombasa

Funded; 323,000

By end March.15

To go during midterm break to avoid normal learning interruption.

Mivukoni secondary school

Learning trip to Mombasa

Funded; 197,000

To go during April Holiday ; 2015

To avoid normal learning interruption.

Madogo Secondary school

Construction of modern library

Funded; 2.1 million.

Construction going on; to be completed mid March 2015.

There was some delay due to some technical interruption.

Asako primary school.

Girls dormitory

Funded; 1.2 million

To commence by mid March 2015.

This is in the effort of supporting girls education.