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This short summary report depicts key transformation experienced between Dec 2014 and end March 2015 although scantly includes some of the gains accrued from earlier years. Some unique bottle necks experienced during project activities will be mirrored as while as  a bit of key planned activities. This is not a scientific report.


 Key interventions/ outcomes

·        Increased enrolment of pupils boarding in ikathima primary school; from 36 to 70 - more girls boarding.

·        All four primary schools improved results and transition rate.

·        Six new schools have been identified and process  of  recruitment going-on. Actual processes of establishment of trustees to start soon recruitment. Those schools boarder Kora National park and exist in areas of harsh climatical condition/very poor educational amenities.

·        Schools achievements:-

between Dec. 2014 and April 2015;  the following activities have been undertaken.

1.     Two primary schools benchmarking

2.     Two study tours  to Mombasa ; Ikathima and Asako primary schools.

3.     Renovation of Ikathima West wing. Clear infrastructure facelift to the school!

4.     Construction of modern library at Madogo  Secondary School.

5.     construction  of girls hostels at Asako primary school (being completed)

6.     Renovation of science laboratory at Mivukoni Secondary School ( to complete end of April).

7.     madogo students/teachers benchmarking  program with better performing school. The team became trainers of the others on the good practices towards good academic outcomes.


Happy pupils

Clear transformation has been realized in the school as boarding program picked so well that they have a problem of more bends. First banch 36  now 70 boarders with girls( 46 girls) being more than boys . Many of this boarders come from other schools, school enrolment has grown from 300 to 500 pupils, physical facilities improved and good careof the same evident. The school has been earmarked by government for  primary schools IT pilot  program .

School development information is being shared among  all stakeholders including pupils. (pupils know what is happening in their schools) “ask a pupil what TAS has done to them  and straight answers available”.

The school has high level cooperation of parents in local contribution whenever such is required.

Team work spirit high: Teachers, parents and pupils. Each busy making the whole system work.

The school community has a dream and clear focus. They have a dream of taking care of their children who are not lucky to join higher learning institution; Focus is to have a middle level polytechnic within their compound for school related courses and as while as improve other life skills.


·        Identification and Recruitment of new project schools as per TAS guidelines. Schools proximity to the park, remoteness, poverty index, local community focus in education are some of the key factors to be considered.

·        Field visit by respective trusts secretaries.

·        Completion of an ongoing  school projects.  These are;

Ø Mivukoni Lab. Renovation; scheduled to be complete by end  April  2015

Ø Boka kitchen construction; scheduled to be complete by end April 14, 2015

Ø Asako Girls Hostel; Scheduled to be complete by end April 2015  

Ø study tours by mivukoni  ( to implemented 2rd week April) and Usueni secondary ( to be implemented 2rd school term) schools

Ø project completion report submission by schools ; By end April 2015.

Ø development of new proposals for funding consideration;  by end May 2015

Ø  secretaries meeting at Nairobi; continuous!

TAS Partnership with KWS.

Based on the current partnership within KWS-TAS commitment, KWS  has so far managed to meet her obligation in the area of  provision of transport, office maintenance and stationary on the other part of commitment i.e TAS Coordinator’s  field financial expenses ; facilitation has been Zero! These areas are TAS coordinator  field and communication expenses. Main reason given by kws  is and has been, the organization going through very hard economical time. Revenue collection has just gone so low such that only strict basic organizational expenditures can be met for sustainability of the organization eg staff salary and vehicle running because of security and poaching control.

The organization is still keen to keeping partnership with TAS working while praying for lenience on the above financial commitment.

NB; All through the working relationship between KWS and TAS  Coordinator has  been mutual.

Some lesson learnt)

·        Where there is a high team spirit positive transformation easily realized.

·        When sufficient time is spend building local community project management capacity, there is smooth project implementation.