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Document title:          TAS/KWS annual summary report.

Period:                        January 2010 to December 2010.


This report covers TAS/KWS project  intervention outcome as is secured within the year 2010. It also projects the key activities to be undertaken within the calendar 2011. Over the period  in question the project has experience some challenges and same remain challenges beyond 2011 and, in this respect, the success of the project to a big extend will be determined mostly on the mode we focus to address the challenges.

Innovation is crucial in this case which the way of TAS/KWS Project is. Building the capacities of the local school Trustees by itself is very bold step towards the version of innovativeness among many other tools the project is using. At least during the period in consideration, we have experienced application and impact of TAS concept in various areas here translated  into achievement or an happening as summarized below:-


  • Reduced girl child drop-out especially in primary schools due to reduced parents levies.
  • Renovation of two primary schools, Ikathima and Kalumu each costing 1 million.
  • Successful take-off  exchange program between Mivukoni and UK learning institution through British council project; two teacher  from Mivukoni secondary school visited UK; A male and female.
  • Construction of science lab at madogo secondary school using Interlocking Stabilized Blocks.
  • 1st support to the new Boka primary school Trust with 100 desks at a cost of 348,000/=.
  • The additional teachers supported in the two primary schools, Ikathima and Kalumu completed their one year contract end of year 2010 and all have received recommendation (Positive) from their respect school administrators.
  • KCPE results did not show much improvement however,  Kalumu primary school did improve , Asako primary school had more candidates than last year and Ikathima primary school leading candidates was a female.
  • The two heads of Mivukoni mixed secondary  and Usueni girls have been transferred and already  replacement effected.
  • Reduced animal- wildlife  conflict has been experienced at the project areas possibly due to the bought community good-will through the school project.
  • Increased Transparency in the school by displaying information on the noticeboard accessible to public.

Still to come; 2011 and beyond

·         Continue with the UK - TAS Kenya schools exchange program.

·         Construction of Mivukoni library and equipping which has already received the support through TAS UK(Kshs 1.8M). The Work to commence any time towards mid February 2011 after successful tendering. 

·         Continued Academic improvement interventions at all ( under TAS support) both primary and secondary schools through various approaches as will be brought forward by respective Trusts.

·         Gender focused support especially in primary schools where the issue of girl child drop out is very high almost 70%. At least to bring the percentage to 40%.

·         Institutional linkages of the pilot schools with other excelling learning institutions.

·         Encourage local and national philanthropists to support the school’s academic improvement.

·         More actualization of the TAS model which tries to encourage learning institutions to became main hub of local community development.

·         Integration of conservation efforts in the supported learning institution and new communities.

·         Possible support of the additional teachers at Kalumu and Ikathima primary school who already have completed their contract end Dec.2010  in case Ministry of Education will have not posted teachers at the respective schools.  This is only  after recommendations by local Trustee on the Teachers’ performance through filling completion report form.

Overall challenges in the area

·         Rampant poverty mostly exacerbated by recurrent droughts among other human caused miss-gives.

·         Weak governance especially at the primary schools making/creating a loop-hole for resource miss-management.

·         High girl-child school dropout especially in primary schools. The number of girls reduce as we approach upper classes. In some schools the dropout is 100%!

·         Chronic  teaching staff shortage mostly in primary schools.

·         Little or completely lack of  some learning facilities in most schools and other support resources e.g. Teachers’ accommodation, female teachers, equipped libraries especially in primary schools etc.

·         Distances to schools mostly to primary schools. Pupils have to move far distances some walking as far as 10km to the school (one way)! This posses a multiple of risks:- wildlife attacks along the way, too tired to concentrate, possible forced or arranged sexual engagements to the girls along the ways as better part of the paths cuts through thick bushes.

·         Chronic water problems in most schools;- No water and when little is there, it is too dirty or salty. The situation is also exacerbated by recurrent droughts

Stephen Kameti

January 2011