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New books for Kaseluni Primary School
This very poorly equipped school has just received a consignment of new ....(read more)

Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
A delivery of sports equipment - mainly footballs and basket balls - has ....(read more)

School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
Mitamisyi secondary ....(read more)
Archive News
15/10/2021 New books for Kaseluni Primary School
05/09/2021 Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
11/08/2021 School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
11/06/2021 El Rar Primary School gets its fence!
22/01/2021 Boka community partners school to build new fence
10/12/2020 Eburru Primary get 3 'new' classrooms
15/11/2020 Post COVID school re-opening
17/10/2020 Back to school for El Rar students
26/09/2020 New Fences for Mitamysi and Kora Secondary Schools
12/03/2020 Boka children in their new banda
12/03/2020 2000 children at Loldia Primary School have running water!!
10/02/2020 El Rar Children get their first story books
06/02/2020 New Headteacher gets down to business!
25/01/2020 Major building works at Mitamysi!
04/11/2019 The old and the new! Progress at Jarajara!
29/10/2019 Kora Secondary School pleads for girls dormitory
10/10/2019 Jarajara plants 1000 trees with help from NYS.
01/10/2019 Loldia's dust bowl playing field turns green.
27/09/2019 Kora Secondary gets its new kitchen!
10/08/2019 Water harvesting at Loldia
07/06/2019 Mitamysi gets a TV and Whoofer!
03/05/2019 More tree planting - even without a secure fence!
05/04/2019 Forest Schools Pilot project gets going at Kaseluni
28/03/2019 Asako students compete in area athletics event
12/03/2019 New staff room and desks for 34 teachers at Loldia.
01/02/2019 Jarajara trees and water tanks
01/02/2019 Huge new water tank completed at Mitamysi!
01/02/2019 Camels in Kaseluni School compound!
30/11/2018 African Sand Dams Foundation work starts at Mitamysi.
27/11/2018 Huge improvement in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education results! Well done!
08/10/2018 Mitamysi Girls Garden
19/06/2018 Peer learning for Kaseluni children
12/06/2018 Jarajara library is commissioned!
19/05/2018 Conservation posters in every classroom
04/04/2018 Jarajara Primary School gets teachers in uniform!
27/03/2018 Brand new classrooms at Kaseluni
08/03/2018 Boka Conservation Day - Stop the charcoal burning!
09/02/2018 Boys in Mitamysi colonise classrooms!
31/01/2018 Kaseluni is on the move!
20/10/2017 Free Secondary School for all.
27/09/2017 Mitamysi rolls its sleeves up!
09/06/2017 Boka students get their revision books.
15/05/2017 El Rar Primary School vists Nairobi Animal Orphanage
10/04/2017 Education Day for parents at Mitamysi Secondary School
31/03/2017 Football comes to El Rar Primary School
01/02/2017 Boka first school in county to get government laptops!
29/01/2017 Mitamysi girls move into their dormitory!
30/10/2016 Jarajara - a school on the move!
08/08/2016 A new rainwater collection system.for Loldia
07/08/2016 Boka students off on a trip to Nairobi!
20/06/2016 Partnership with CDF delivers for Eburru Primary School
09/04/2016 Kitchens old and new!
10/03/2016 Asako girls may have a new secondary school.
15/02/2016 Conservation in action!
01/02/2016 No more sitting on the floor!
24/01/2016 No white landrovers for TAS co-ordinator!
30/11/2015 Jarajara Primary School cut off!
29/10/2015 El Rar is latest addition to the TAS family of schools
14/09/2015 TAS to support Jarajara Primary School -across the Tana River
08/07/2015 Madogo Girls Football success!
06/06/2015 Renovated boat for Asako children
15/05/2015 Asako girls get their dormitory!
01/05/2015 Mivukoni Science Revolution!
20/04/2015 A new library and upgraded classrooms for Ikathima
02/02/2015 Madogo library on track again!
21/01/2015 Boka girls dormitory up and running
01/01/2015 Boka headteacher receives laptop
01/01/2015 Ikathima classrooms and library nearly there!
27/11/2014 Usueni / Norbury Manor partnership success
11/10/2014 Kalumu students crowd in to watch wildlife film
11/08/2014 Ikathima children visit Hells Gate National Park
08/08/2014 Ground breaking for Madogo Secondary School library
11/07/2014 New ways of working at Kalumu Primary School
11/07/2014 Entreprising Girls!
21/06/2014 Children visit Lake Nakuru National Park
05/04/2014 Sewing workshop at Usueni
27/02/2014 New staff houses for Ikathima Primary School
28/01/2014 New staff houses for Usueni
23/01/2014 Business and Entreprise at Usueni
31/10/2013 Kalumu the top primary school in district
28/09/2013 Innovation at Usueni
10/09/2013 Madogo gets it fence - at long last!
12/07/2013 Volunteer teacher at Eburru Secondary
19/05/2013 Eburru Primary gets its TV!
14/03/2013 Usueni Girls Exam success
10/02/2013 TAS trustees visit to schools
15/12/2012 Eburru Primary School Trust is inaugurated
26/11/2012 Exam time!
25/10/2012 Boka girls get their dormitory
30/07/2012 Kalumu girls dormitory completed
16/07/2012 Usueni bandas completed
02/06/2012 Kalumu children 'adopt' trees
02/06/2012 Boka fence almost complete
20/04/2012 Camara ICT project in 3 remote secondary schools
24/03/2012 World Water Day
22/02/2012 Excitement and Inspiration at Kalumu Primary School
20/02/2012 Mivukoni library completed
13/01/2012 Running water to Usueni
25/11/2011 Eburru gets its football pitch courtesy of KenGen
09/11/2011 Volunteers at Usueni
04/10/2011 Eburru science lab in full swing
16/06/2011 Adopt a tree at Ikathima
07/06/2011 Mivukoni library started at last!
31/05/2011 Books for Kalumu
27/04/2011 Asako students visit top primary in Garissa
12/04/2011 Usueni girls educational trip
09/03/2011 Latest Kenya exam results
12/01/2011 Boka children get their desks.
29/11/2010 Ikathima re-furbished
23/11/2010 Poetry and Philanthropy
20/10/2010 Kimphe Langano - inauguration of new classrooms and desks
18/10/2010 TAS at the Nairobi Hay Festival
06/10/2010 Ikathima classrooms being re-furbished
29/07/2010 Celebrations at Mivukoni
27/06/2010 Together We Can!
24/05/2010 Ex - Head of Pembroke School becomes trustee at Eburru
18/04/2010 Soil blocks for Science lab in Madogo
10/03/2010 Delight at Eburru exam results
20/02/2010 Bandas for Mivukoni
16/02/2010 Improved exam results in Asako
30/11/2009 Kenya Vice President's Vist
26/10/2009 Roll out of TAS model in Uganda
16/09/2009 Harambee raises 2.8m Kes (23,000) for dormitories
24/08/2009 Teacher exchange Waldegrave/Madogo
17/06/2009 4 New School Trusts in Kenya
10/05/2009 New laboratories in Buheesi
08/05/2009 Another Global Partnership
31/03/2009 Kameti in Post
25/02/2009 KWS / TAS partnership
26/01/2009 Handover ceremony in Asako
26/01/2009 Madogo/Waldegrave Glocal Schools Partnership
27/11/2008 Building works started in Madogo
06/10/2008 TAS in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Service
22/09/2008 Asako staff accommodation - best in the business!
22/09/2008 Community cyber in Eburru
14/07/2008 Eburru computer lab completed.
03/07/2008 Asako staff accommodation nearly ready
27/05/2008 Building at last at Asako
27/05/2008 Green Park School nearly ready now
27/05/2008 Madogo Secondary School Trust established
22/05/2008 Partners for Change
01/05/2008 Kimphe Langano Self Help Group Established
01/05/2008 Eburru exchange a 'Life Changing Experience'
14/03/2008 Newly elected MP visits Asako
23/01/2008 Business as usual for TAS schools in Kenya
13/01/2008 Global School Partnership links Eburru School with Langley Park School in Bromley
23/11/2007 Another step towards a new trust in Ethiopia.
04/10/2007 The Hon Ali Wario MP lends support to Asako
11/09/2007 Eburru nominated as the 'most improved school in the district'
20/06/2007 Its raining in Eburru
01/06/2007 Power in Eburru
01/06/2007 Eburru tank is complete and waiting for rain
31/05/2007 Pre-primary school built by local community in Asako
31/05/2007 Adult literacy classes in Asako
16/05/2007 More girls enrol in Asako thanks to 2 new female teachers
19/03/2007 Desks and teachers arrive in Asako
02/03/2007 Playground and games area for new school
17/01/2007 Desks are fit for purpose
17/01/2007 Eburru rainwater tank under construction
29/11/2006 Eburru Trust success
29/11/2006 Desks and teachers for Asako
20/11/2006 Eburru School Open Day
20/10/2006 Asako may pilot new style wind generator
20/09/2006 Trust established in Asako
20/09/2006 Site and design agreed for Green Park School
20/09/2006 Cooking in Eburru
16/07/2006 Renovations finished at Eburru School
23/06/2006 Funding agreed for re-building of Green Park School
08/06/2006 Computers and cooking pots
17/05/2006 Eburru School Renovations May 2006
19/04/2006 New building planned for Green Park School
18/04/2006 20,000 Euros for refurbishment of Eburru School
12/04/2006 Bursaries for talented children in Eburru