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TAS at the Nairobi Hay Festival

On 1st October the British Council gave a party - attended by the Vice President Hon Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka - to celebrate the launch of a new book of Christmas poems by the English poet Lawrence Sail. 

The author has generously donated all royalties from the book to TAS.  Poems were read by Catherine Ngugi and John Sibi-Okumu, a well known Kenyan broadcaster who was Lawrence's pupil 40 years ago in Nairobi.

Students from Eburru Secondary School near Naivasha and Upper Hill Secondary School in Nairobi wrote and performed poems of their own which were enthusiastically received. 

The event was part of the Nairobi Hay Festival which  lasted over the weekend and featured artists, authors, poets and storytellers from all over Kenya.  The tents were packed with students and the public who hugely enjoyed the activities and discussions.

It is hoped that more TAS schools might be involved in next year's activities.