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Handover ceremony in Asako

On 22 January the new staff houses were handed over to the community in a colourful and optimistic ceremony.  The Deed of Gift was signed by representatives of the Women's Committee and the School Management Committee on behalf of the community and by Trustees Mark Cheruiyot and Juma Ali Dido on behalf of the Asako Primary School Trust. 

Speeches were given by the District Education Officer, the Area Education Officer, the Chief, some parents, Mark Cheruiyot, Senior Warden of the Meru/Kora Conservancy, Tony Fitzjohn, Mike Harries, Lissa Campbell, Secretary of the Asako Trust and Gill Marshall-Andrews from TAS.

The houses are much admired and were welcomed by the teachers who will take up occupancy immediately.  They are of a very high standard and it is hoped they will greatly increase the motivation of staff in the school.

Targets have been set to get 50% of school leavers into secondary school this year.  Last year there were none.