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New staff room and desks for 34 teachers at Loldia.
Loldia Primary School's 34 teachers have suffered poor accommodation for ....(read more)

Jarajara trees and water tanks
TAS has funded a new water supply from the Tana River for Jarajara.  ....(read more)

Huge new water tank completed at Mitamysi!
Mitamysi Secondary School now has a completed 150,000 Litre water tank, ....(read more)

Community cyber in Eburru

The computer suite at Eburru School is now being used by the community on weekdays between 5 - 7pm.  The school's IT teacher runs introductory classes of 10 x 2 hour sessions over 2 weeks for which people pay 500/- (£4).  Other staff of the school are among the students enrolling in these courses as well as parents and family members.