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New staff room and desks for 34 teachers at Loldia.
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Jarajara trees and water tanks
TAS has funded a new water supply from the Tana River for Jarajara.  ....(read more)

Huge new water tank completed at Mitamysi!
Mitamysi Secondary School now has a completed 150,000 Litre water tank, ....(read more)

Eburru exchange a 'Life Changing Experience'

Evans Ondeiki the headteacher of Eburru Secondary School and his colleague Eunice, a science teacher arrived in London on 20 April for a 2 week exchange visit with Langley Park School, Bromley, under the auspices of DfID's Global Partnership for Schools.

They have spent time in planning meetings and observing classes. They have delivered an assembley to Yr 7 pupils about life in a Kenyan school and have ideas for many joint curriculum projects for the future. 

A real partnership has been established with both schools determined to learn from each other.  As Evans said  'This has been a life changing experience for us.  We will never forget it.

Langley Park teachers will return the visit to Eburru in October.