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Sports equipment for Boka Primary School
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School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
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Kimphe Langano Self Help Group Established

The Kimphe Langano Self Help Group had its first meeting on 29 April. Established on similar lines to a local trust, the group has the sole object of supporting a very needy primary school on Lake Langano.

A strong committee has been established including the Principal of the school, the Chairman of the Kebele (cf parish), Chairman of the PTA, a female teacher representative, a representative from the Oromia Education Bureau, an ex student and 2 college lecturers with links to the community. 

Funding proposals have been submitted to TAS for 90 new desks and bursaries for 6 talented students to attend secondary school.

Further work is being done on tenders for a 4 classroom block to relieve severe overcrowding. 

The Education Bureau have promised more teachers - up to 15 is expected and the community are considering other projects they can deliver to help improve the school.

A real partnership is emerging.