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School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
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Newly elected MP visits Asako

The newly elected MP for the Asako region, Dr Nuh Abdi Nasir, attended the February meeeting of the Asako Primary School Trust along with the District Education Officer, Mark Cheriyot from the Kenya Wildlife Service and the new Chair of the Board of Governors.

This was a very successful meeting with everyone present wanting to pursue the idea of multi-agency involvement with the school. Discussions are taking place about partnership funding with local funds supplementing the TAS contribution. It is hoped that the building of  houses for the teachers will begin within the next 2 months.

Teacher attendance at school has improved greatly with the new headteacher and 3 pupils from last year's leavers have now been accepted at Madogo Secondary School.  The Asako Trust has paid for their boarding and other costs for 4 years.