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Computers and cooking pots

At the recent TAS Trustees'  meeting it was agreed to fund 2 additional teachers for Eburru School for 2 years.  Recruitment is under way.  This should make a real difference to the teaching and learning in school - currently there are classes of 60 in some subjects.

Also to be funded are 2 highly specialised cooking stoves (costing £800 each) for Eburru School.  These will be used to cook a wholesome midday meal for the students. The stoves use significantly less wood than current arrangements and therefore help to protect the local forest. 

On the way too are 3 computers from Computer Aid International.  These may be a little premature since there is no power to the school at present but this is expected to be remedied very soon.  Evans Ondaiki is excited by the prospect of computers in school - he has recently returned from a seminar at which headteachers were urged to tackle computer literacy as a matter of priority.