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School trip report from Mitamysi Secondary School
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New building planned for Green Park School

At a recent meeting of the Trustees of Green Park School it was agreed that efforts would be made to raise money to rebuild the school on a nearby site. Currently, around 60 children aged 0 - 7 years are cared for and educated in two small huts, one of which doubles up as a chapel. Children have no proper desks or chairs and very few resources. The blackboard needs repainting and there is no lockable space. The smallest children take their rest on a rough blanket on the cement floor.

The hope is that around £18,000 can be raised to build a new school on a nearby plot of land which has been promised. Two classrooms, toilets, an office and a library/resource area would be constructed. The vision is that this building would become a centre providing high quality care and pre-primary education for local children. It is also envisaged that adult classes could be provided in the evenings and weekends, and a homework club for primary and secondary aged children attending schools nearby.